Road Trip: Prepping my Car and Tyres


Since passing my driving test in February, I have been keen to jump straight into distance journey's. I drove on the motorway to day after I passed my test because I didn't want to psych myself out; I admit it was only one junction but I was very impressed with myself.  Before Saturday (22nd) the furthest ...

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Revision Tips


It's exam season and if you're in any form of education then you may have spent the whole of your Easter holiday's in a complete meltdown. It's ok because I've done the same. I'm in my second year of University and I have a law exam on the 15th May; so I'm slightly freaking out. I find ...

NETFLIX: What to Watch?


Are you a TV series junkie? Do you need something new to watch? Or, do you need to add a TV series to you never-ending list of things to watch? If you've answered yes to those 3 questions then here is a list of things to watch on Netflix; covering Drama TV series, Action-thriller TV ...