I turned 21 a few weeks ago and I couldn’t be more grateful to my family, friends and boyfriend for spoiling me and making my day so special. As you know, I don’t do things on a small scale so I celebrated my birthday on 3 separate occasions; one night with my besties, my actual birthday with my parents and boyfriend by going to TGI Friday’s for lunch and I also had a family party the weekend after my birthday too…well a girl only turns 21 once right?
After taking to twitter to express my disgust at myself for not having seen WICKED in Theatre yet, my wonderful friends at From Me to You suggested that I add it to my list of things to do. Which made me think – why not not write a blog post about 21 things to do whilst I’m 21? It’s a bit like a bucket list but I have to complete it in a year and the content isn’t too wild.

So, without further adieu, here is my list of 21 things I’d like to do whilst I’m 21.
  1. Graduate University – I’m so excited to finally graduate from University with my degree and make something of my life (even if it’s not anything to do with my degree)
  2. Get my first full time job – the thought of actually working full time in something that I LOVE to do excites me. Imagine having a job that you love to do every single day?
  3. Reach 5,000 instagram followers – this one is a little bit of a stretch for me considering I’m only on 3600 followers but go hard or go home right?
  4. Visit another country(holiday or city break) – I love visiting new placing and going on holiday(any excuse for me to be in the sun and I’m there) so going away makes me happy. I think Courtney and I may go to Barcelona for a few days over the Summer for a girls getaway so be prepared for all the instagram snaps!
  5. See WICKED – I love the theatre and have been to see the Lion King and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when I was younger but I haven’t seen any shows since. WICKED is at the top of my list to see because I’ve heard such good things about it and the songs are so iconic.
  6. Visit another place in my own country I’ve never been to – I’ve been to a lot of places in the UK but I always visit the same places because I know I like them. I’d really like to go to Cornwall or Manchester!
  7. Try an expresso (this might not be a good idea lol) – I’m a fan of coffee but I’ve never tried an espresso and I really feel like I’m missing out.
  8. Read at least 12 new books, 1 each month – books used to be my favourite thing when I was younger but as I’ve got older I barely find the time. The only time I read books now is when I go on holiday in the summer and lie on a sun lounger all day for two weeks. I have a whole shelf of books I need to read so I feel like this is the perfect excuse.
  9. Attend as many blogging events as possible – I try to attend as many events as possible but I’m really going to try and go the extra mile to attend events. I’d even be up for travelling out of London!
  10. Take a cocktail making class – this sounds like such a good night out idea for a group of friends. I love cocktails and can never make them as good as a bartender can, so why not learn myself?
  11. Go to a spa – I went to a Turkish spa when my family went on holiday to Antalya and it was quite the experience. Very hot and not very relaxing in certain parts as the ladies were quite ruff with their hands. BUT my skin did feel incredible after and I did get the best tan. So after that experience I’d like to go to a spa for the day or weekend and just chill out and drink prosecco all day.
  12. Leave negative people behind – a pretty basic one but I haven’t got the time for negative, fake or nasty people. Byeeeeeeeeeeee!
  13. Start vlogging again – I want to start documenting exciting days again so maybe getting back into Youtube is the way forward.
  14. Get my arse to the gym 3 times a week – I need to stop being lazy and complaining about the body I don’t have, and go to the gym and achieve it!
  15. Have a pedicure – I’ve always had my nails done, just never my feet!
  16. Get another tattoo – I know what I want but I like to wait 6 months to know I’ll still love the tattoo after a long time.
  17. Maybe try a new hair style, lighter? shorter? – It’s nearly time for me to change my weave as it’s coming up to a year old very soon, so I’m thinking to go for a very light brown/blonde colour (almost the same as Jennifer Aniston’s hair in FRIENDS).
  18. Give blood – I say I’m scared of needles yet I’ve had a tattoo and a few piercings. So I’m pretty sure I can suck up the nerves and give blood to help someone out there.
  19. Read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus – the book is so well talked about so I want to see what the fuss is about.
  20. Actually save money, rather than putting some aside and using it a week later – I’m awful at saving. If you ask my boyfriend, he moans at me all the time for going shopping instead of saving money. So I think this needs to be my year for saving to start being a grown up.
  21. Do something for charity – I’ve done quite a few things for charity in the past but I’d love to continue!

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