A New Era


Welcome to my new blog! I know, it’s pretty cute right?

I have finally taken the plunge from using a blog-publishing service site to having my own domain! It’s pretty scary but I could not be happier to have taken the dive into the deep end and upgraded. There are a few things that I do need to mention in this quick little welcome post!

Number One: I have obviously rebranded my blog! For a new era I thought that I should have a new name, so I have left itsdanieslife in the past and have rebranded as Danie-Jade (the same as my YouTube channel.) I thought it was important to have consistency throughout my blog, YouTube and social media sites so everything will be changing to Danie-Jade if they all haven’t already.

Number Two: I have expanded into travel as well as beauty, fashion and lifestyle! When I first started blogging I was adamant that I only wanted to blog about beauty and fashion. Since starting my blog in April 2015 I’ve realised that I also enjoy blogging about lifestyle aspects and also about my travels! With my new blog having different sections for these topics, it makes it easier for you to only read the content that you enjoy reading! This way I can please everybody and there is also something for everyone on my blog too!

Number Three: I will be blogging once a week for the time being because my University life has got very busy and I do have to concentrate on that just a little bit more than my blog. I will be uploading on a Wednesday at 6pm and my YouTube will be twice a week; a weekly vlog on a Monday at 7pm and a typical “main channel video” on Friday at 7pm also (which you can find linked in the top right hand corner of my blog hehe.

Thank you all so much for your constant support and here’s to a new era of our journey! x