All That Jazz Nail Varnishes: Christmas Ready

I love a manicure as much as the next person but I can’t always afford to have them done in a salon. I’ve always had short nails due to a bad habit of biting my nails – so acrylics have always been normal for me. But after so long of having them, I decided to give my poor nails and break and attempt to grow my own.
I’ve used nail hardeners and tried painting them with pale pinks and nudes to cover their stumpiness but still looked awful. Eventually, after persisting with the growing I have some nails to paint, which means I can finally use pretty nail varnishes of my own.
I recently was contacted by All That Jazz who are a nail varnish brand that sell varnishes for adults and children. I was lucky enough to pick out 6 different shades to test and review. I really wanted some plain, bright and everyday shades that I could use all year round but for occassions too. The website has tonnes of bright, plain and funky colours to choose from and I was lucky enough to pick 4 shades, a base coat and a top coat.

Base and top coat varnishes are key to long lasting non-chipped nails. I don’t really know what to say about a base and top coat because you cannot really review them as they’re clear. I quite often paint my nails with just a top or base coat if I haven’t got the time to paint them but want to harden my nails to prevent any snapping.
These two coats have no aroma to them which I like because I’m not a fan of chemical smells, they’re very thick and only take one swipe on the nail, and they dry very quickly.

Pixie Whispers 
The other 4 shades I chose were flapper girl (a hot fire engine red) bordeaux (a subtle dark purple) pixie whispers (a pretty pastel pink with a hint of nude, perfect for short nails like mine if you want a look that isn’t too obvious) and critics choice (chunky gold glitter for feature nails.) The two colours that stood out to me the most were flapper girl and critics choice because they’re ideal for Christmas time and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of them, especially flapper girl.
Bordeaux and Flapper Girl are very pigmented and do not require layer upon layer to get that colour popping, whereas Pixie Whispers and Critics Choice take two layers to achieve the colour in the bottle.
The formula of the varnish itself is very thick so you do have to be careful that you don’t apply too much. A little goes along way and I only need to swipe my nail once to cover my nail so I barely use any product. Like the base and top coat, they dry fairly quickly but I do leave extra time for them because of the thick consistency. Or, you can use advance nail drying sprays such as the Leighton Denny Miracle Mist which I use to speed up the process.

Critics Choice
The varnishes are all £9.98 per 15ml bottle which is on the higher end for a nail polish but the quality does justify the price. All That Jazz are not as expensive as Nails Inc which retail for around £15 per 14ml bottle so they are a lot more affordable are are bigger which is a bonus! They’re incredible nail varnishes and look really cute on a vanity.


If you want to check out All That Jazz for yourself then you can find them at their website: