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BERLIN: Blogmas#4


If you follow me on instagram then you may have seen that last week I went to Berlin for a few days with my boyfriend. We went away for 2 days to celebrate his 21st birthday and we had a lovely time exploring the city and trying new foods. I'd never been to Germany before ...

On a Budget: My Favourite Eyelashes


I never used to like fake eyelashes. Honestly couldn't stand them. I thought they were a waste of money and added too much time to getting ready in the morning...but that was probably because I could never apply them properly. Since converting to false eyelashes around 6 months ago I haven't looked back. Wearing fake eyelashes ...

My First Tattoo: My Experience


I've always wanted tattoos, ever since I got older I always wanted a few. It took me quite a long time to decide on what I wanted my first tattoo to be. Some might say I'm crazy, but I went for a big thigh piece as my first tattoo. A lot of people turned around and ...