Basic Beauty Tools ‘Spongedry’

There is nothing better than having a trusty beauty sponge to blend in your foundation and concealer.
For me, I personally prefer to apply certain foundations with a brush rather than a sponge because I feel it looks nicer on my skin. However, concealer ALWAYS has to be blended in with a sponge.
I have tried brands such as Real Techniques ‘Miracle Complexion Sponge’ Primark’s ‘blending sponges’ and also Makeup Revolutions ‘makeup sponge.’ To my collection now, I can add Basic Beauty Tools’ ‘Spongedry.’
The ‘Spongedry’ is the combinationof a gorgeous stand that hold your beauty sponge, known as thefoundation blender. The stand comes in 4 colours; white, black, hot pink and purple and the sponges come in a hot pink, purple or black. You can mix and match the colour combinations or you can order them as a matching set which I think is great for versatility.
I am basing my review on the foundation sponge blending my concealer (instead of foundation.) I tried it with my foundation and found that it didn’t work with the one I currently wear (because not every sponge is going to work with every foundation.) I use a very high coverage foundation at the moment which is the Maybelline ‘Fit Me Foundation’ and I prefer to apply high coverage foundations with a flat top brush.
Having said that, this is my favourite sponge for blending my concealer. The foundation sponge does such a good job of leaving my under-eyes looking smooth and bag free. I use my pink or purple foundation blender to blend out my Collection ‘lasting perfection concealer’ and they just work so beautifully together. The sponge doesn’t absorb a lot of product which means you only need the tiniest amount of product and it goes a long way.
The Basic Beauty Tools website says, ‘they (the foundation blenders) are durable, Latex free and have a multifaceted shape for a variety of ways to apply foundation or concealer. For easy application and a flawless finish, time and time again.’  They are also perfume free which is ideal because I hate sponges and brushes that have a scent, and they dry so quickly as well which means I have no excuse not to clean them regularly.
They are quite dense yet surprisingly soft for how hard they are, but they do soften once dampened. You can use them completely dry to apply your concealer as I have found I get the same results, however if you were to use them for your foundation I would definitely dampen them.
The ‘spongedry’ is £14.99 or $18.99 (which doesn’t include P&P) and the foundation blender itself is £5.99 or $6.99. You can buy the ‘spongedry‘ from as well as the foundation blenders separately.