Blogger Pack 2017

I’m someone who loves to be organised at any given opportunity. Whether that be colour coding my diary, filing away my papers or having a nice journal to write things in throughout the day.
I think every blogger should be organised and should have a special book or place where they can jot down any ideas or have a creative space to brainstorm for their content. I’ve seen a few blogger packs online and haven’t been sure whether to purchase one or not because I’ve always been happy with my diary and journal.
A few weeks ago I received a “blogger pack” from The Blogger Crowd I was really intrigued into what it was going to look like. I’m all for cute designs and lots of pages so to have this draft version to review was very exciting.

At first the look of the pack looked idea for a blogger. A 15+ page printable book to organise a bloggers day-to-day life or part time life depending on whether you blog for a living or for a hobby.
When I first printed off the blogger pack, the front page immediately looked professional yet with a hint of girly-ness. The monochrome colour scheme is met with subtle hints of pink which keeps the booklet fun and eye-catching. If something looks bright and eye-catching you’re more than likely going to want to use it again, so automatically I’m at a win win and aren’t likely to forget to use my pack.

The pack has a cute motivational picture on the front page which is good to read for morning motivation because if you’re anything like me in the morning then you need all the motivation you can get. Since the pack is printable, you can print pages out as many times as you like. With that in mind, I think these posters would look so cute in a frame on a desk or on a wall somewhere as nice room decor; so you could have these in your pack to read as motivation everyday or you can have them framed on your wall or on your desk instead.

Throughout the booklet there are several pages for daily tasks such as “What Am I Doing Today?” and also pages dedicated to planning individual blog posts “Blog Post Planner”. if you struggle with organising your time to produce your content or need to bullet point everything to include in your piece then these pages will come in handy. The “blog post planner” page has different sections to help make it easier to produce your blog post. There is a section for your title, a section to write down all the photos you need to take, another bit to write down all the websites or links you need to reference and sub-link throughout your post, a separate box for your notes and then finally a date & time going live space so you can monitor how long you have to produce your project.

My favourite part of the pack has to be the monthly pages. The pack has a page designed for each month of the year with different subheadings for different reasons. There is an events section, one for birthday’s, a bullet point list of goals you want to achieve that month and also a box for notes. It’s nice to have a month overview available to stick on your wall or on your desk so you know what you’re doing for the next 4 weeks. I love to plan ahead and have things down in pen in advance so these pages will come in handy for me for sure!
This blogger pack is an all round great product. It doesn’t limit itself to certain areas of blogging as it is very stripped back and versatile to beauty, fashion, lifestyle, fitness, food and many other kinds of bloggers. If you’re a blogger and would be interested in a Blogger Pack from The Blogger Crowd then I will leave their Instagram linked so you can check them out.
My next post will be up on Tuesday so I shall see you then x