Breakfast with Dafni

Food and socialising are two of my favourite things to do, so to combine breakfast and a press event is my ideal scenario.
Last month I went for breakfast at the beautiful Bourne & Hollingsworth Garden Room for a press event with Dafni Hair. The company, founded by Sharon Rabi, is known for inventing their hair brush that also acts as a hair straightener (I know, why was this not invented sooner?!) and for promoting female empowerment and girl bosses.
We were greeted by Hannah and the gorgeous Summersby Media team at the venue and I was genuinely stunned by what I saw. Our private section of the venue was decorated with beautiful foliage and jewels. The jungle vibes definitely made me think of Bali and it was oh so relaxing.
The glass walls meant we could see right out across London and it’s beautiful to see. It’s very rare to see London from a birds eye view instead of behind a red bus so it was definitely breathtaking.
Once we sat down at the table, Dafni Hair founded Sharon talked us through the brand, why she decided to create Dafni and gave us a demonstration of the classic hair straightening brush. Sharon has very similar hair to meet so I was shocked to see her instant results from a couple of brushes in one section of her hair.
Sharon’s results easily started conversation between us girls at the end of the table. Tenisha and I are used to chatting among ourselves at events because usually they’re free to roam and walk at your own pace; but it was nice to actually have the chance to sit and talk to other bloggers. We all have a similar interest in the beauty industry so conversation easily flowed and we soon got chatting about our own blogs, social medias and exchanged tips.
We were given free reign to try the different products to see how they worked and to compare the devices so we could determine which would work best for us individually.
There was the classic brush, a smaller paddle brush and also the portable brush which holds a full charge for 30 minutes, ideal for on the go or taking on shoot days!
If you follow me on instagram then you’ll have seen that I have thick curly hair that’s very rarely straightened. The only brand I’ve ever found that tames my curls is GHD, so I wanted to get Sharon’s advice on which product to try. She recommended the classic brush because it has a wide paddle and will therefore be able to tackle the frizz.
And as promised, I received my classic hair straightening brush in the post this week. I’ll be sure to do a review for you all soon but I thought this was a nice, casual way to get back to blogging.
Have a great weekend angels x

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