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Not many people would think to shop on sites such Ebay or Amazon for clothes but from a first hand point of view it’s not all bad! I’ve bought quite a few things from Amazon that have come with New Look labels! To go along with these two websites I found another site that is just like Amazon but I think the prices are a little bit cheaper! are based in China I think because that is where my parcel arrived from. They are a similar version of Amazon but as I said they’re slightly cheaper. They stock a variety of clothes and beauty products and luckily I was contacted by them to pick up 3 items or less that came to under $20. The website has so many clothes that I was dying to try but I settled on two items that I couldn’t wait to try on.

The first item I picked out was a camouflage jumper sweatshirt/jumper dress. The item has the longest name in history but in it states that it is a holiday dress – and I can see why. The dress is not a sweatshirt material at all. It is very thin which is ideal for a holiday but not for any other time of the year. I styled mine with tights and boots but I was still cold whilst out and about. But it would be ideal as a bikini throw over or as a very light evening dress. I got this in a size large but I could have even done with an extra large to make it the oversized fit that I love. This was $11.27 so you can’t complain too much for the price but I do think it could be a bit thicker.

The second item I chose was a high neck cropped fluffy jumper in a gorgeous plum colour. I’ve seen so many girls rocking this fluffy jumper trend and I really wanted to give it a go myself so I did. The jumper is definitely cropped so for me personally I wouldn’t wear it without a pair of very high waisted trousers or jeans because I’m a little conscious of my stomach, but if you’re confident then you’ll love the length. I did get mine in a size large so it would be a little longer in length but it still wasn’t long enough for me and the fit was rather small too so if you like the length then that’s great but I would recommend going up a size. The jumper itself is very thin so you would definitely want a jacket and scarf or a big coat over this if you’re going out because it isn’t the warmest of jumpers. But it is cute and for $8.70 you do get what you pay for.

Overall my experience of wasn’t that great. I hate to share negative thoughts on my blog because I like to think of this as a positive place for you to come over to a read with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. But I won’t lie for anybody and will speak the truth, so as you can tell, this review hasn’t been as positive as others I’ve done in the past.
The delivery took around 2-3 weeks to come so it was fairly long so if you’re wanting something quickly then this might not be for you but if you’re buying in advance then I would recommend the site for cheap and cheerful clothing you’d wear once. I feel the clothing sizes are not designed for normal bodies either. These “large” items are designed for somebody at a size 10/12 in my opinion, and considering I fit into that size bracket, I feel they do no not cater for “larger sizes.” There are size measurements given on the website for each item of clothing, but I did not find these to be accurate. This might just be on the items I’ve tried so maybe on 99% of the other clothes on the website, they are true to size. But on the items I picked, unfortunately they disappointed me.

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