Christmas Guide for Him: Blogmas#5

Shopping for boys can be harder than shopping for girls. Typically girls will love anything that’s cute, comforting or chocolate related…and that’s just from my loves. Yesterday I uploaded a blog post with a few ideas on what you can buy a girl for Christmas and today I thought I would share some ideas on what you can buy a guy this year.

Jasper Conran – Naked Eau de Toilette Gift Set
The dream of having a man that smells nice has been around for many years. And having a good-smelling man in the house is nice too. A gift set is ideal for a boyfriend, husband, brother, dad or friend if you’re around them a lot and would rather smell something nice than a boy’s B.O.
Superdrug and Boots do lovely gift sets all year round but they do step up their game at Christmas time. This Jasper Conran one is a beautiful set and what better combination than the same smelling shower gel and body wash? Twice as many nice smells!

Toilet Book 
A funny present always goes down a treat if you’re recipient has a silly sense of humour. A toilet book is for any guy who finds the funny side to it. If you can’t think of anything serious, play to humour.
These presents also make great secret santa presents. If you do this with school, work or even in the family, buying a funny present will bring out a funny side of the recipient and could even be a running joke for the future! It could make jokes at work a lot more interesting!

River Island – Cream Ripped Oversized Sweatshirt 
A new outfit to wear on Christmas day is always a bonus because it means you don’t have to plan your outfit yourself. And with a man typically taking longer than you to get ready when they’re rushed – what better way to have a stress free Christmas than to pick an outfit for them?
Whether this is for a family member or your other half, I’m sure they’d appreciate a cool jumper like this oversized River Island one.



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