Clutch Bag Essentials


A night out would fail to be a night out without a group of girls making friends in the toilets and borrowing the content in each other’s clutch bags. Lipstick, perfume, bronzer, you name it. I am always that one friend who will over-pack her clutch bag, simply because you never know when you might need something. I’m also that friend who will go into the toilets early on in the night and take loads of toilet roll and keep it in my clutch because toilet roll can run out very quickly and nobody wants to drip dry (we’re not at a festival people.)

If I wasn’t to over-pack my clutch bag, these are the necessities that I have to take with me:

Roll on Perfume 
Nothing worse than smelling bad! Perfume is an essential to constantly smell like a pretty flower.

Hand Sanitizer 
You have no idea whether bar tops have been cleaned or whether there is soap in the toilets!

Hair Bobble
There have been many nights out where my hair has got in the way and I’ve needed to put it in a messy bun, especially if I’ve been waiting in a queue to get in and its been raining.

Nail Glue
If you wear acrylics like me or use stick on acrylics then you’ll know that nails can ping off at any moment.

Lash Glue
I am a lover of false lashes and wear them near enough every single day so this one is a no brainer. Bring that lash glue in case you have an eyelash malfunction!

Kabuki Brush
My kabuki brush usually has excess or loose powder on it so I always bring this with me if I’m feeling shiny or oily and this sorts me right out.

Lip Liner & Liquid Lipstick
Got to keep those lips looking luscious so the liner and liquid combo is key to a full pout; plus, lipstick can rub off on glasses while you’re drinking.