Current Pieces I’m Crushing on: River Island

River Island is one of those shops that I love but shop at often because it is a bit more expensive than your standard online stores like BooHooHowever, I do like to go in every now and again to have a look and I do tend to come out with a few bits and pieces. So, this is what I’m currently crushing on:
Brown Bobble Knit Cardigan (£46.00)

I love a good chunky-knit cardigan for Autumn/Winter – they look cute styled with jeans, a turtleneck top and pair of jeans. This gorgeous caramel colour bobbled cardigan from River Island is that perfect cardigan. It isn’t a plain knit and would go with some many different outfits, even a plain skater skirt with tights, a tshirt and boots! With Autumn taking a little longer to turn up after the beautiful Summer Britain had, this would even make a great cover up over a cami or vest if you don’t want to take a proper jacket out with you.
Black Faux Fur Aviator Jacket (£75.00)

The most worn jacket in my wardrobe has to be my faux leather jacket from New Look. It’s black and goes with pretty much anything; jeans, dresses, joggers, anything. But when it starts to get a big colder it’s going to be too light to keep me warm – that’s when I saw this jacket. I am in love! This is such an amazing alternative for a leather jacket when it gets colder because it’s the same sort of style just a lot thicker. I love the faux leather look with the faux fur because it’s a combination of my two favourite jackets and I just think its perfect. I can see myself buying this for the winter this year!
Black Stripe Wrap Tie Waist Frill Blouse (£35.00)

I never used to be a fan of wide sleeves, shirts/blouses or anything that wasn’t tight fitting. I thought it made me look frumpy and bigger than what I am so I used to avoid styles like this at all costs. But as I’ve got older and learnt how to style to my body shape, I’ve become obsessed. This blouse paired with a pair of Jamie or Joni jeans from TopShop, with black barely there heels and a matching handbag would look lovely for an evening meal or a family party. I wouldn’t wear this casually or for going out with friends but everyone needs a few “conservative” outfits in the wardrobes that are fashionable.
Light Beige Button Front Bodycon Dress (£32.00)

Dresses are such a difficult item to style in the winter for me because I either don’t like the way they look with tights or they’re too long that you can’t wear them with boots. But I think I’ve found the perfect dress. This gorgeous camel coloured dress is the perfect length you could pair with ankle boots but also wear with trainers because it is quite casual. With a pair of boots and a fluffy gilet, this is the perfect Autumn outfit for a day out. It comes in black as well which would be perfect for all year round but I was just drawn to this colour!
Beige Zip Front Back Pack (£36.00)

As well as changing your wardrobe to more appropriate clothing in the colder months, it’s just the same with bags. In the summer I’ll use little small cross body bags in lighter pastel colours, with faux fur detailing or velvet. I’m afraid of materials like that getting ruined so I always switch to faux leather bags because they’re resistant to the rain and snow. This gorgeous backpack is perfect for me travelling around to London with my laptop because it’s spacious but it would also work well as a school or school bag too!
White Zip Around Mini Backpack (£28.00)

And if you don’t like a big bag, you can opt for a smaller one! This mini backpack is the ideal bag for someone who doesn’t carry a lot of things on a day to day and hates carrying a bag in their hand. This little backpack is perfect for family trips out, it’s faux leather so it’s perfect for the colder seasons and plus it’s such a neutral colour so it will go with everything.

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