Favourite Netflix Series 2017: Blogmas#10

I’m such a TV binge watcher and go through phases of watching lots of programmes at once or dedicating my time to only watching one. This year i’ve watched so many different programmes that I thought I would share my thoughts on them (without spoiling what happens in case you haven’t seen them and would love to go and watch them.
I feel like this programme was very hit and miss when it first came out. The storyline of a young school girl, called Hannah, taking her own life and leaving behind audio tapes for each person who “helped” her to commit suicide, was very raw and hard to watch for some viewers. The 13 reasons as to why she committed suicide is played out in 14 episodes we watch back her story to find out why that person was guilty.
The series was assistant directed by Selena Gomez and the series was so beautifully carried out, in my opinion, and I binge watched it in a few days. It was so eye-opening and made you think how lucky you are in certain situations that you didn’t have to go through some of the things that Hannah did.
This is a series that I finished watching at the end of November but I was completely hooked. Stranger Things has 2 seasons on Netflix, the first came out in 2016 and the second came out late this year. The sci-fi series follows a group of young boys who can see into another dimension and a girl who was locked up in a lab for experimentation after she showed inhuman powers.
The other dimension called the upside down manages to escape into the real world and causes problems and concerns to the people affected. It’s gripping, addicting and a little bit creepy at times but my god is it good.
I’ve mentioned this series on my blog before but it is still in my most remembered programmes from this year. The girly/mystery series is phenomenal (apart from the crap ending) but it is so good. You follow 4 girls who believe the fifth member of their group had been killed and the girls soon find themselves being blackmailed by a mystery person called “A”.
As the series unfollows, everything is not as it seems and the girls find themselves stuck in horrible plots, killings, disappearances and their lives become hell. Overtime, the blackmailer becomes more and more dark and the series takes a real turn but if you love being kept on your toes then give this a watch!
This is one of few programmes that my boyfriend Chris and I watched together and we have both loved it. We are yet to finish the second season because we are waiting for them to all become available so we can binge watch it all one afternoon.
It is set in America and a members of their Parliament is set as the designated survivor in case anything should happen to the President and his colleagues in congress. Unfortunately the capital building is blown to smithereens and this man becomes President overnight.
You follow his story of becoming President and all the problems he has to face in adjusting to his new role. It’s such a good series to watch if you like action and mystery!
This is the newest addition to my list but I have just got into Gossip Girl. Yes I am very late to the band wagon but after being recommended to watch it by so many people I thought I would finally listen and take the plunge.
It’s a bit like Pretty Little Liars in one sense because you follow around the same group of people in their day to day lives whilst being exposed on a mystery blog. I’m only half way through season 3 and I think there is around 7 of them so I’ve still got quite a way to go but so far I’m hooked.
There is drama, mystery, deaths and your general friendship problems and just like Pretty Little Liars it keeps you on your toes!
I began watching Riverdale back in the Summer, when I was house sitting for my Uncle, after I saw the massive hype about it on Twitter. I binge watched the first season in 2 days and a few months ago the second season was released so that is still being shown on Netflix weekly.
But Riverdale is set in a high school in America where a murder had taken place and the truth behind the murder was slowly unveiled in the first series. With getting to know the characters and their motives my mind was constantly changing as to who I thought killed Jason Blossom. After his killer was revealed at the end of the series we saw season 2 kick off with a bang.
The current season has another mystery killer called the Black Hood and he is going round the town killing people who have sinned. It’s so good so far and I really recommend it if you love a thriller!

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