Freya Lingerie x Breast Cancer Awareness

This blog post is in collaboration with Freya Lingerie as well as raising awareness for cancer. My mum and Auntie (who has survived breast cancer) are doing the Moon Walk this year. I would love to help them exceed their goal so please donate as little or as much as you can to help beat this disease: (say that Danie sent you!) thank you x
It’s important for women to feel good in their underwear; it can make you feel good, confident as well as a little sassy. For me personally, if I put on a matching set of underwear in the morning I know it’s going to be a good day.
I have tried so many different brands and styles of bras and underwear and I have come to find that only a few styles suit my body shape and make me feel comfortable. I’ve shopped for bras in stores like Debenhams and Primark and have found that sometimes I can see no difference in the quality.
A few weeks ago I had a company called Freya Lingerie reach out to me to ask if I wanted to review a few of their sets. I’d never heard of the brand before but I’ve seen a few bloggers share their snaps on instagram of this brand so I was really intrigued to review them myself. I sent over my bottom size and bra size/cup and within around a week my parcel arrived with two sets to try.

The first set I opened was the Daisy Lace set and I had the combination of the Balcony Bra and the Briefs. At the first look I was in love. Black underwear sets are my favourite because black is stereotypically a more slimming colour and I think they’re very flattering.
The balcony bra feels very luxurious, pink/nude trimmings add an extra feminine touch and it has adjustable straps which is a must have for me. I was quite surprised when I first felt the bra because there was no padding whatsoever. Every single bra I own has a bit of padding so there is a bit of comfort and support, but this is literally just lace. Surprisingly it is very comfortable and I do still feel supported. The bra is £34 which is a comparable price to high street stores such as Debenhams or John Lewis and I do think you should pay that little bit extra for a decent bra because otherwise you can develop serious back and neck pains/problems.

The briefs were a little different for me because I do prefer a brazilian or thong style bottom because I find them the most comfortable, but these are still very cute. The lace continues all the way round the back to cover your entire bum and the pink/nude trim continues from the bra to the briefs. The briefs are £17 which some people would probably find expensive but if you want a matching set that is more luxurious and expensive then £51 for a set isn’t something some people would think twice about.
If you do have sensitive skin to certain fabrics then these sets might not be for you as they might feel quite itchy and uncomfortable for you but these are comfortable for me and I will continue to wear them when I want to feel a bit sassy.

The second set is right up my street. A lot of people associate white underwear with brides and bridal shows. However, white is a very feminine colour that shows off a good tan.
The Soiree Lace white Bralette is simply stunning – there are no other words to describe it. The cups are structured, just like the first set, and without padding as well. This is a comfortable bra with an adjustable back with three settings for your desired comfort and adjustable straps also. It is absolutely gorgeous, looks gorgeous underneath pyjamas but would also look fabulous underneath an oversized shirt for a night out. For £38 it is a more expensive bralette but for a top that is also a bra to support you, you can’t really complain about that.

Just like the “Daisy Lace” set, I was sent briefs to match the bralette which I didn’t mind as they are adorable. The briefs mirrored the aztec style print of the bralette with white mesh panels at the top to break up the print. The cute little bow on the front adds a girly touch and the shape is very forgiving. I do prefer my bottoms to be high waisted because the style flatters my figure more, but these are too cute not to like.
For £17 these bottoms are the same price as the majority of the briefs – I do have comfier bottoms from Primark which have only cost me around £3 but for a luxury set I do think the price is right.
Whilst we are on the topic of bras, I would like to talk a little bit about Breast Cancer. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime – that is an awful lot of us. The earlier your cancer is spotted, the sooner and easier it is to be treated. There are a few ways to spot symptoms of abnormality in your breasts; every day when you put on your bra or take it off, check your breasts for any lumps, bumps or pains.
If you feel like something isn’t right or you’re nervous about something, it’s best to go and talk to your GP straight away. The sooner we start checking ourselves regularly – the sooner we can beat cancer. Every time you buy yourself a new bra or treat yourself to a lingerie set – make a mental note to make sure everything feels okay so you can feel good on the inside as well as look good on the outside.
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