HELLO 2020

2020 is here and it seems to crazy to say we are now in a new D E C A D E. This year is going to be full of new opportunities, fresh faces and nothing but hard-work and positivity.
I’m so excited to get back to instagram, shooting weekly content and writing new posts every week on here. I’ve missed writing so much and it’s been weird not sharing my fashion posts with you all on instagram but I needed a break.
A lot happened for me in 2019 and honestly I’m so incredible happy to see the back of it. It was overall such a bad year but it taught me a lot about myself. One lesson I learnt was to be more selfish and put my happiness first. It’s a very unnatural trait of mine as I always try to put everyone before myself in any situation I can. I love helping people and making others feel good so I often push my thoughts and feelings to one side. But this year it’s all about my own progression.
2020 is going to be my year. I’m working hard towards my goals, saying yes to new opportunities and I’m just going to enjoy life. As we’ve all seen recently in the media, life is too short to have regrets and walk around on egg shells.
I’ve set myself some goals for this year too. Goals that I’m not actually sharing with anyone. I’ve always shared what I want to achieve and sometimes it hasn’t worked out; so this year I’m keeping to myself (but I’ll let you know if and when I complete them).
2020 is already looking to be a great year. I’ve booked a long weekend away to Amsterdam for a belated birthday treat, a couple of festivals and hopefully many more!
I’m also re-starting my blog! This year we’ll be posting weekly about everything and anything I fancy. I thought I had to stick to just fashion or beauty posts but why should I? 2020 will still be full of fashion and beauty but daniejade.co.uk will also have some mental health posts, positive messages, etc. And sine we’re starting fresh, I have deleted some old blog posts from here, either because I wasn’t a fan of my writing style or the photos that accompanied.
So, here’s to 2020, a positive year with good energy and good vibes x

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