Holiday Skin Care Essentials

Going on holiday is such an exciting time for everyone because we give ourselves a few days, a week or even more to escape our everyday lives and do what we want to do.
This might be going travelling, skiing in Switzerland or sitting by a beach or pool getting your tan on, like me.
I’ve just come back from Alcudia in Mallorca, Spain. It isn’t the hottest of countries but when you’re not used to the warm weather the 30 degree celsius heat is beautiful. With the hot weather and scorching sun, I like to keep my skin routine short and sweet while i’m on holiday. Why you might ask? Because;
1. you don’t have that much luggage limit to carry everything.
2. it’s just a pain whilst you’re away if I’m completely honest.
I went away for two weeks and I wanted to travel as light as I could with my toiletries and makeup. Today I want to tell you about 5 different products I used while I was away to protect my skin from the UV rays and from burning.

Sun Cream

I do not believe in the old myth that the higher the sun cream you use, means you don’t tan as well. It’s complete rubbish! I sat in the sun for 5 hours on our first day and I had tan lines from using a factor 50. High factor sun cream is important because it has high SPF levels that protect your skin from UV rays and can reduce your risk of skin cancer in the future.
Chris and I each took a bottle of SPF Factor 50 suncream with us on holiday and the ones we used were the Solait Moisturising Sun SprayI much prefer the spray bottles because they’re not as messy as a normal flip lid and you can spray direct areas of your body with them which is handy. They don’t smell and I found that I could apply this in 3 hour intervals without burning.

After Sun

I cannot stress enough how important aftersun is for your skin in the evening. Once the sun has gone down, you’ve had your shower and are getting ready for your evening, you should always moisturise with after sun. This helps to recover your skin from the heat of the sun, it stops your skin from drying and peeling and it also helps to maintain your tan.
My after sun is the matching pair of my sun cream which is the Solait After Sun Spray which really refreshes my skin in the evening and makes it feel so soft and moisturised.

Aloe Vera

This one is only necessary if you or someone you’re travelling with is prone to burning. It’s lucky I brought this with me because Chris burnt the backs of his legs and they were very painful; so the aloe vera is soothing the sun burn and in the end got his skin back to normal (and they went a beautiful shade of brown lol.)
Aloe Vera is good for anything that burns, irritates or just as a cooling gel because it is so good for your skin. I see it as a fix gel, it fixes many problems. It’s key for any sunny trip and I don’t know what I’d do without it.
I took with me the Solait After Sun Aloe Vera Gel which you can buy from Superdrug along with the previous products I’ve mentioned.

Body Cream

I took one moisturiser with me on holiday simply because I use after sun more. However, I did take the Dove Summer Glow and Soft Shimmer Body Lotion in the shade medium to dark. This is great to top up an existing tan and give your skin and overall healthy glow!
I bought mine from my local Body Care but you can also buy it off Amazon.

Face Cream

This on was an impulse buy whilst I was in Poundland with my mum on a shopping trip a few weeks ago but I’m so happy with it. For only £1 I couldn’t complain too much so I bought a tiny Tropic by Malibu SPF 50 Face Cream. This one is pretty self explanatory, it is just a sun cream for your face.
I know many people will just use a normal sun cream for their face but for me, I want that extra protection because I do have sensitive skin, particularly when it comes to my face. The cream isn’t scented which is important because I hate scented face creams and it doesn’t feel sticky on the skin.
As I said I bought mine from Poundland but you can get them on websites such as Ebay!