Hollywood Browzer Review

As someone with dark thick hair, I’m always on the hunt for different methods and products to help my makeup look smoother.
A company called Hollywood Browzer reached out to me recently to ask if I’d like to test their product. I’d seen similar products to theirs on instagram before so I was keen to see what all the fuss was about.
The Hollywood Browzer is a small compactor razor/blade that removes a variety of hairs from the face and neck. You could use the product to remove peach fuzz, tidy your brows or sideburns and even use it to remove hairs from your upper lip.
The product itself is small and compact. The blade folds in on itself for safety reason and comes with a protective case so you can carry it around in your makeup bag. The Browzer’s come in packs of 2 or on their own. The duo pack costs £14.95 and the singular is £7.95 which I think is very affordable.
I tested the product on the small amount of peach fuzz I get around my cheeks, chin and also the odd few dark hairs I get on my upper lip. To use the product, hold the razor at a 45 degree angle on clean, dry skin. Using your spare hand to hold the skin fairly tight, use short gentle strokes to remove the hairs. It’s such a quick and painless way to get rid of those little hairs while doing your makeup and is ideal to remove those odd hairs on your brows and side burns too.
I have used this product once so far and I haven’t noticed any hair growing back yet. My skin feels soft after use and creates such a nice base for my foundation. I do tend to moisturize thoroughly after using the product to re-hydrate my skin as I find my legs become dry after shaving and I’d imagine your face would be the same.
This review is just my first impression of the product as you only need to use it when there is hair you’d like to remove. I will keep you all updated on how I find the product results over on my instagram stories but so far it is a definite recommendation.

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