I love a good manicure and have had acrylics nails done for years. After spending around £50 a month on my nails, I decided to cut the acrylics out of my life and swap them for stick on nails.
Since finding IMPRESS nails I have not looked back to acrylics. They’re so handy to stick on for an event, nights out or just to have pretty nails all the time. You name the occasion, they’re ideal.
I have such a big collection of their press on nails in so many different patterns and colours. So with the Christmas parties being here and with Christmas round the corner I’ve picked out a few designs that you can buy to get your nails into the festive spirit! Some of these I own myself and some of them are ones I’ve found online that I think would be perfect for this time of year.
(Any photos that aren’t my own have been taken from directly so any photo credit goes to them.)
All these nails on the IMPRESS website directly are on offer for $6.79 but on the Superdrug website you can get them for £5.32!

This beautiful set of purple and silver nails are perfect for a Christmas party. The purple nails with silver glitter tips and the pure silver glitter accent nails are so extra, so sassy and I absolutely love them. These nails are a nice alternative for the classic red nails so for those of you who want something a little different these are perfect! These would also be lovely for New Year’s Eve!

These nails are absolutely adorable! If you love cute nails that only have a hint of Christmas these are ideal. The natural colouring with festive tips are very sweet, the reindeer features make me want to cry with happiness AND the gold accent tips give that little extra sparkle. I think I’m going to buy these ones for Christmas Day because how can I not?!

There is also an all red version of these nails called LET’S TOAST so if you’re not a fan of the gold accent or the green features on the striped tips then these are slightly more classic and simple.

These bad boys are the classic Christmas nails – red and gold. If you’re a classic lover and don’t fancy branching out into other colours, prints or animal accent nails them these you will love. I think red nails are so classic and timeless that you could wear these all year round, but they’re just extra special at Christmas time.

These little cuties are so girly and pretty. The lavender and silver is alternative to red and gold for those of you who don’t like bright coloured nails. They’re a lovely subtle Christmas nail with the snowflake pattern and glitter and I think these would be lovely to wear in the lead up to Christmas.


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