LA Weave – My experience

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of having long hair; beautiful long, sleek dark hair.
I have very stubborn hair. I don’t know if you have stubborn hair where your hair just doesn’t grow past a certain length. That’s the struggle I was facing for around 2 and a half years. My hair did not grow past a certain length no matter how many times I got my hair trimmed; no matter how many times I used hair growth products or by NOT using heat on my hair.
In the end I’d had enough of hating my hair and decided to look into getting extensions.
It was around April time of this year that I started looking into getting extensions. There are a few types of extensions out there, but I think one of the most common form are clip ins. They’re super easy to wear as you don’t have to wear them all the time; you can take them out or put them in whenever you like. But me being me, I couldn’t deal with the idea of clip in extensions because the thought of having to take them in and out all the time would drive me mad in itself. So I decided to look at more permanent ones.

After finding extensions such as nano rings, glue ins and sew ins, I decided I would treat myself to LA Weave. Now I say treat myself because they aren’t cheap; but they are worth the money if you have them done properly.
LA Weave are sewn in hair extensions at a variety of lengths, colours and styles. The most common lengths are between 16-20″ long and are usually chemically straightened when you first have them done.
After doing my digging I found a lovely lady called Tasha who is local to me and offered LA Weave to clients. I messaged her on her social media page to have all my questions answered and to see whether they would be ok for my holiday because I was going abroad where there is sea and chlorine.
After exchanging a few messages I could tell immediately that Tasha knew her stuff and I felt completely reassured and booked in a colour match test. I dye my hair black and as far as I was concerned, that was that. But I wasn’t aware that there are 3 shades of black! If you’re a hairdresser then you’re probably thinking how stupid is she but I genuinely had no idea.

So I went for my colour match test and we decided that I was jet black. We then went through hair care details and went over any other worries that I would have. I wondered whether I could go swimming with my extensions and if I could apply heat to them, etc. You can do near enough everything with LA Weave that you do with your natural hair; you’ve just got to take extra care with them. If you want to go swimming that’s fine, just make sure you wash your hair that evening – don’t leave the chlorine in for longer than you need to. You can apply heat to them also, just make sure you use heat protection sprays and other hair protection products to make sure you don’t kill the hair.
As well as colour matching my hair we also decided on what length I would like my extensions to be. After wanting long hair for so long I thought I may as well go hard or go home…so I went for 20 inches long! The length of the extensions determined the price of them being bought and fitted. Mine were going to cost me £230 which isn’t cheap but I believe you pay for what you get so I was more than happy to pay that. I knew that having extensions was going to be a big change but I could not have been more excited.

A week later on 31st May I went in for my appointment with Tasha. I went in with clean straightened hair because if you’ve been reading my blog for a while now or follow me on Instagram, you know that I have very curly hair. Tasha sectioned my hair in 3 layers and using beads on either side of my hair, sewed the weave to my roots.
This process took just over an hour which was a lot quicker than I thought it would take. As Tasha put each row on, I could feel the heaviness of the hair and I did panic slightly because I thought “oh my goodness this is going to be a lot of hair.” Because of the weight of the hair and also with them being sewn into my roots my head did ache quite a bit for the next 2-3 days. As an old saying goes, “no pain no gain” so I put up with it and soldiered on.
For the first week of having the weave you cannot put your hair on top of your head as it will pull at the threads and will loosen them. I had my hair in low loose ponytails for the first week of having my hair and then a week later I was off on holiday and was able to put my hair in a bun again.

I was worried that whilst I was on holiday I wouldn’t cope with the length of my hair but it honestly didn’t cause that much bother. During the day it was up in a bun and in the evenings it was either curled or straightened which I loved because as you can see from the picture above it reaches just above my bum!
I’ve now had my LA Weave for 6 weeks and I can honestly say I am so so so happy! I absolutely love my hair, I feel that it really suits me now and I just couldn’t imagine having shorter hair again.
They’re very easy to wash, dry and style but they are a bugger to brush so make sure you don’t abandon the brushing side – even if its 3am after a night out, BRUSH THEM.

But thank you so much to Tasha at Tasha Weaver Hair for my hair transformation. She is incredible at what she does and I thoroughly recommend her for anything LA Weave fittings, colourings and cuts if you’re in Luton or surrounding areas!