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I’m always on the hunt for luxury fashion at an affordable price. I’m a student and don’t have the money to splash out on a designer handbag whenever I please so you could say that I’m a bargain hunter. Nothing wrong with that.
When the online retailer TOBI got in contact with me over Christmas, I was super excited. I’d never tried anything of theirs before and was really intrigued as to what their clothing was like. I was lucky enough to pick out a few pieces that took my fancy and 3 of my choices were sent out to me.
The company is based in Los Angeles so the shipping took around 10 days to arrive. If you are form the UK and would be interested in buying something for an occasion then do give yourself plenty of time for your goodies to arrive.

These leggings are the perfect option for a sassy night out look. The front lace detail looks absolutely incredible and is so different from leggings that lace up on the side. The lace takes up the majority of the legging but leaves plenty of material at the top so you cant see your underwear.
The trousers are very high waisted which is my favourite style of bottom because I’m not that comfortable with my stomach so anything that pulls me in is a winner. But as well as being high waisted and sucking you in, the material of the leggings are very thick. The thickness is ideal because it gives you that warmth you’re lacking from the front but it also hides any VPL (visible panty line) that you might have.

These leggings look so good with lace bodysuits, t-shirts and strappy heels but they would also look cute dressed down with an oversized cropped jumper and trainers. These beauties are down to £32 from £66 which is an absolute steal.

I’m obsessed with this white jumper dress. If you know me personally then you’ll know that I’m obsessed with jumper dresses. Name me something better than putting on a dress with the comfort of a jumper? There isn’t anything as far as I’m concerned.
This beautiful jumper dress has cut out shoulders which adds an edgy feel to it and brings something different to a plain jumper. The arms are quite baggy which adds extra comfort and cosiness because there is nothing worse than wearing something that feels restricting on the arms!
I’m just short of 5’3″ and this dress is fairly short on me. I have a tiger tattoo on my left thigh and you can just about see the bottom of it so this might not be the dress for you if you’re taller than 5’3″ but you could wear it with tights or leggings! However, the model wearing this on the website is 5’9″ and it’s sitting at the same length as mine, so maybe I just have long legs and a small torso?

The dress has a high turtle neck/roll neck at the top which I adore. I love turtle necks because they keep me warm and it means I don’t have to faff about in the mornings trying to find a necklace to wear. This one is very big and oversized so I roll mine down twice so it isn’t right under my neck (just because if I wear makeup that day I don’t want to have an orange neckline on the dress!)
This jumper dress retails for £83 but is on sale for £33 RIGHT NOW so you can save yourself a massive £50 if you order today!

Photography: TOBI
This was the piece I was most excited about when I found out it was in the post. I’m such a fan of bodysuits because they’re so easy to style. You can pair them with jeans, trousers, tracksuits and so much more to create a quick and easy outfit. Plus it mean you don’t have to worry about yourself becoming untucked because you’re wearing an all in one!
When this arrived in the post it was the first piece that I tried it on. The material of this bodysuit feels so expensive – it’s a crushed velvet material and it is super soft. It would make a pair of jeans and basic heels look like a million pounds.
Unfortunately, I have quite broad shoulders and the bodysuit didn’t fit my bust. If I was 100% confident with my body I might be able to wear it out, but because I am a bit insecure I wouldn’t feel completely comfortable. The height of the bodysuit was perfect, it felt nice and if I had it in a bigger size I know I’d wear it constantly.

Photography: TOBI
It was very small on my bust area and just about covered my nipples (sorry if this is too much information for you but I like to be honest) so this is something I’m gutted about.
This is in no way a fault of the TOBI team at all, I just think I might have got my measurements wrong when letting them know which size I needed. I got mine in a medium so if you have quite broad shoulders with a cup size bigger than a D i would recommend going up a size.
I do want to order this myself in the next size up but we all know how skint everyone is during January because most of us have 6/7 weeks to wait for a payday having been paid the week before Christmas. SO, when the time comes at the end of the month I’ll be grabbing this baby for £31 instead of £62… that’s half price!!
My overall experience with TOBI was great. The team were so lovely and Kristel from the marketing team was such a pleasure to work with. The quality of the clothing that arrives is amazing and the website have such good bargains for the quality of the products. I would 100% recommend TOBI to anyone looking for luxury affordable fashion.

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