Luxury Christmas Wish List: Blogmas #7

I’m one of those people who loves giving other people presents. I love finding the perfect present for someone, wrapping it up all pretty with cute wrapping and sitting down to watch them open it. Very soppy but it’s so true.
Every year at Christmas time I never know what I want. Throughout the year there will always be little bits and bobs that I want but when it comes to Christmas my mind goes completely blank. However, this year there has been a few things that I’ve asked for and I thought I would share them with you all!
This post was inspired by my friend Holly from Holly Kate Gladwell so I will leave her post linked here so you can go and check out her post!
ALEX Drawers (9 drawers and 5 drawers)

This is a really random one because it’s not really something you’d ask for but I am so desperate to re-do my bedroom. I currently have my brother’s old furniture and wall colours so I’m so keen to make it my own and have nice things. My makeup never had a proper home and I was using old pieces of furniture for my hair things, makeup things, body things and even things like underwear and pyjamas. It looked dated and didn’t feel special.
So, my mum and dad surprised me yesterday with the drawers for Christmas so technically I already have my early Christmas present but I thought I would include them in here anyway.
The 5 drawer has become my bedside table with the top drawer for daily things like chargers, lip balm and that sort of thing, and the drawers below now hold my underwear, socks and pyjamas. The 9 drawer has become my makeup, skin care and hair care holder.
I will do a blog post on my 9 drawer when I’ve properly got the drawers organised to how I want them but for now I am super happy with how sleek my room is starting to look!
Fluffy Dressing Gown 

Again this is such a boring thing but every year I love getting a new dressing gown. I spend half of my time at home and half of my time at my boyfriend’s house so I have two dressing gowns – and the one at my boyfriend’s has had its time and now needs replacing.
I usually settle for Primark dressing gowns because they start really soft and cosy and at the time they’re very affordable. But overtime they really start to deteriorate in softness and they just become rough and scratchy.
This one from Topshop looks so adorable, especially with the blush pink colour and cute ears on the hood. I’m such a sucker for anything pink and cute so this one is perfect.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit

I don’t own an Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup product…and never have! I’ve never had the guts to part with my money and order anything! I’ve heard amazing things about her products but I’ve either been too poor or found something else I wanted more (which is more than likely a new pair of shoes.)
For a long time I’ve wanted a glow kit and the sun dipped glow kit has always stood out to me. The shades are slightly darker and more gold toned which I prefer. I’m not really a fan of purple/pink highlighters so this one is right up my street. They’re fairly pricey at £41 but maybe one day I’ll commit and order something myself!
New Sporty White Trainers
This one I don’t have a picture for because I don’t actually know what trainers I want. I was talking to Chris about this the other day and I said to him that I want a white sporty pair of trainers that I can pair with my tracksuits that don’t make my feet look big. I have quite small feet (size 4) and I wear tracksuits with elasticated bottoms that since in at the ankle to act as skinny jeans (if that makes any sense) so any trainers that are quite bulky always look quite odd. So I asked Chris to find me a nice pair of trainers that fit my requirements and I’m sure he’ll send me a few options!

So I know that was very short and sweet but I actually can’t think of anything else that I really want this year! I’m usually one of those people who will just buy something if I want it so I always get stuck when it comes to Christmas time. But I would love to know what is on your Christmas list this year! Let me know in the comments or by chatting with me on my social media sites which are linked in the top right hand corner of my blog x

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