My 5 Favourite Christmas Films: Blogmas#1

Christmas films are the best thing since sliced bread. They bring the Christmas spirit in full force and you’re guaranteed to feel the festive spirit as soon as you click ‘play.’ I’ve not seen that many Christmas films but there are a few that stand out to me on a shelf.
I quite like the funny Christmas filmed compared to the soppy serious ones – just because I think it’s a time to be jolly (if you’ll pardon the pun) instead of crying into a box of tissues. But the ones I love vary from childlike to classic to just plain brilliant.
I hope this gives you some inspiration of what to watch this Christmas!
If you haven’t seen Elf then you’re missing out. This funny Christmas film stars Will Ferrell as an elf looking for his father in New York; the catch is he isn’t really an elf named Buddy. As a baby he crawled into Father Christmas’ present sack and was taken back to the North Pole where was raised as an elf.
The film is sees Buddy the Elf (Will Ferrell) travel to New York to find his real dad and learn to be an adult. This doesn’t go according to plan because he has such a childlike nature with being an elf and loves all things happy and full of sugar.
Until all goes wrong and he has to help Santa fix his sleigh after he crashes in Central Park on Christmas Eve. Buddy has to make the city believe in Christmas (and Santa) to help make the sleigh fly and save Christmas.
It’s a brilliant family film that you need to watch!

The Holiday is recently new to my list after only watching it a few years ago with my mum. It’s your typical chick flick crossed with Christmas and I simply love it.
It stars Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, an American and Brit, who are single over the Christmas period and want a change of scene. Diaz plays a filthy rich American Director and Winslet plays a British writer and they both broke up with their boyfriends.
In a bid to change their Christmas for the better – they both put their houses up for a seasonal swap (where someone can live in your house for a certain period of time and you go and live in theirs.) But as every simple plan seems, nothing goes according to plan and both ladies end up mixed around in each other’s worlds.
This a film that’s perfect for a night in with your mum or your girls or even alone with a glass of wine (not that I’ve done that or anything…)

Home Alone is possibly the most well known Christmas film of my generation. Starring Macaulay Culkin, eight-year-old Kevin lives in a mad house with over 10 members of his family. The household are going away for Christmas and the family accidentally forget Kevin!
We see Kevin learn to be a grown up by buying the groceries, setting up the tree for Christmas and learning to live by himself. Until he faces a spot of trouble. Two burglars set their eyes on Kevin’s house and plan to rob it – so Kevin has to protect the house at all costs.
The funny films sees Kevin out smart the robbers and it’s just brilliant.  The film has 3 other sequels but none of them are as good as the first. BUT they are still worth the watch!

The Nativity is the newest one to my top 5 favourite Christmas films. This is a film you could happily sit and watch with your little brother and sister or your little ones at home. It’s funny and entertaining for all ages of the family.
The film sees a school attempt to make an amazing nativity play after they believe a Hollywood producer is coming to see their show to make them all stars. The teacher behind the allegation told them this due to wanting to re-connect with his ex-girlfriend, who works in Hollywood.
The film is hilarious because it isn’t smooth sailing (because what film is?) and it just gets me in the Christmas spirit with all the singing.

Yes this isn’t a film but it certainly makes my Christmas that extra bit special. Miranda is one of my favourite TV programmes and every year I cannot wait for the Christmas special to come out.
If you’ve never seen Miranda then you’re certainly missing out. Starring Miranda Hart, Miranda has a clumsy life where she attempts to be a regular grown up and do grown up things; but she always seems to fail. There are so many problems along the way and you learnt to love Miranda, her whacky friends and her interfering Mother. It’s just brilliant and you need to watch it!
But the Christmas special always has a happy ending and it’s just the perfect programme to stick on the TV when you’re eating your dinner on the sofa with your family.

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