On a Budget: Autumn/Winter Coats

Hiya loves! Welcome to my “On a Budget” series!! Every fortnight, at 6pm, I will be uploading a new blog post that gives you all some ideas on what you can buy on a budget. I’m a student and being a blogger is sometimes difficult because I want to have nice new things to share with you guys. High end isn’t always an option so I want to show you all the nice things you can buy on a budget.
This week I am starting with Winter coats. I always struggle to find the perfect winter coat. It doesn’t matter if I shop before the cold sets in or during the middle of winter, I have never found “the one” that I vow to love until the end of the snow season. That was until this year came around.
You may or may not know, I am a huge fan of shopping and will find any excuse under the sun to go for a cheeky look in New Look or MAC. This year I did some digging into getting a coat ready for the colder months and I found some beautiful pieces that were under £50!
Coats are on the more expensive side of the scale when it comes to shopping because they are a bigger item, tend to be heavier and are made of thicker/better quality fabric. I think you have to be prepared to spend a little bit of money on a coat if you want it to last you a few seasons or months if you plan to wear the same coat everyday.
Today I have 3 coats to show you that I know you will love for this Autumn/Winter season.
Mustard Puffa Coat

If you know me personally, and my friends especially, know that I had been on the hunt for the perfect mustard yellow puffa coat for this season. I was desperate to get one but either the website I found one on didn’t have my size, or I didn’t like the length of the coat, or there was no faux fur hood. It was getting to the stage that I was going to give up.

I happened to be scrolling through my Facebook a few weeks ago when a MISSBELLA sponsored post came up on my feed. Not only did I instantly fall in love with it, but the website also had 25% off the whole site! The coat was £49.99 but I paid £37.50 which was an absolute steal.
What I love about the coat so much is that despite it being a puffa coat it is very lightweight. It doesn’t feel heavy when I’m wearing it which means I can run around doing errands or walking around London for hours until my heart is content. It is the perfect length that stops just at the top my thigh which is the perfect length for high waisted jeans and isn’t too short so you can wear cropped jumpers without feeling a breeze going up your coat.

The faux fur hood adds the perfect detail to the coat. The light brown/beige colours compliment the mustard beautifully and makes the coat feel very warm and cosy. I don’t know how the fur would cope under rain or snow conditions but you can buy sprays that protects suede and other materials in those conditions.
Tan Faux Fur Shearling Biker Jacket

I’m not usually one to go for a a tan/brown colour jacket, simply because I never knew how to style them. My friend Courtney has a gorgeous tan coat and she rocks it – so I was convinced that I needed one. I just happened to be in New Look after Uni one day when I saw this beautiful biker jacket.
What drew me to the jacket was the suede look it had and the faux fur lining throughout the jacket. I knew it was going to be super comfortable and as soon as I put it on I fell in love. It was incredible warm and with it being a very thick material I knew it would make a great winter coat.

The open panels at the front create such a nice illusion that I feel I look small and not swamped by this big coat. I have such a stress when it comes to buying coats because I hate looking bulky. I want to look sassy during the Winter and not like Father Christmas with my layers of jumpers.
The silver zip detailing on the cuffs, pockets and zips adds that a little extra sparkle to what would be a fairly dull jacket. The jacket rests half way down my thigh which is a nice length because it isn’t too long and isn’t too short.

The faux sheep wool lining is super warm. It’s the middle of October right now and I wore a cropped jumper underneath this jacket the other day and I was boiling walking around. I mean, this is a good thing because the coat is clearing doing its job but I think this will definitely be a coat for late November because I can’t be walking around looking like a sweaty mess.
With me and my bargains again, I didn’t pay full price for this jacket. It should have been £49.99 which is still under my £50 budget but New Look had 20% so I bought this coat for £39.99 which I was so pleased with! When I tried the jacket on I did go a size up because the arms did feel quite tight and also it gives me enough room to wear jumpers underneath (so bare that in mind if you did want to buy the jacket.)
Lilac Longline Collared Coat

As my boyfriend said, “did you really need another coat?” and the answer was yes. On Tuesday night my local shopping mall opened its doors after closing hours for students in Luton to shop until 9pm. Not all shops opened but the ones that do offer great discounts and so of course it’s an opportunity not to miss.
I saw this gorgeous lilac structured coat and immediately loved it. I don’t have anything like this in my collection and it was just too pretty to leave on the hanger (plus my friend Jess forced me to buy it so thanks Jess x). I’m not usually a fan of long coats because I’m fairly short and think long coats make me look even smaller. However, this one rests just on my knees and I don’t feel short at all – if anything it makes me feel slightly taller!

This coat oozes sophistication and class. The structured panels give an illusion of a lovely neckline and the straight line detailing feels very slimming despite being an overszied coat. The pockets are very deep which is fabulous because I often put my phone and keys into my pockets whilst out and about if I don’t bring a handbag with me. Plus I think pockets are such nice detail for an otherwise plain looking coat.
The material of the coat is very thick which is perfect for Winter because it is going to keep me toasty and warm whilst I’m out walking the dog, walking to work and just being out in the cold. The sleeves are fairly long which is ideal because there is nothing worse than cropped sleeves when it’s chilly outside.

The coat is done up by two silver popper buttons which do show when the coat is un-done but I think it makes the coat look slightly more expensive than it is.
The coat retails for £34.99 but I only paid £27.99 because of my student discount which gave me a lovely 20% off. I think New Look are still doing 20% off online for students still so go and check out their site to grab yourself this Winter staple.