Perfumes Scents with Memories

Certain scents trigger specific memories in the brain. I don’t know how it works or how it does it exactly but if I smell a few different perfumes, they always make me think of previous holidays and moments in my life. When I go on a holiday I always take a different perfume with me, so when I come back home and wear that same fragrance I can be reminded of that trip away.
Quite often I would rather wear a luxurious perfume to a drugstore body spray. Not that there is anything wrong with body sprays because I own plenty. They’re ideal for my gym bag and just throwing in your handbag when you’re going out the door; but there is just something good about wearing an expensive fragrance. Some luxurious scents I’ve been dying to get my hands on are the Clive Christian women’s bottles. Clive Christian does some gorgeous looking bottles of perfume and even cuter gift sets – including gift sets for him and gift sets for her.

Floral, fruity smells are what I tend to wear in the Spring time. When the flowers are starting to bloom and the weather is starting to turn warmer, I love wearing a floral smell. My birthday is in Spring (March) and floral smells always make me think of my birthday and Easter time with my family. It’s such a happy memory for me because my birthday is so special every year – my family and friends always pull out the stops and I couldn’t be more grateful. This pretty set is the Original Collection – Feminine Edition and it is luxury at £195 but these would make such amazing presents for someone who is a real perfume collector.
Another scent that brings me happy memories is coconut. Coconut is my favourite smell of all time. I love coconut candles, bounty chocolate bars and Malibu; I just can’t get enough of coconut! I wear coconut scents as often as I can but I like to take a bottle on my summer holidays. I love wearing them abroad because it makes me feel good and I think of a sunny beach with coconuts in palm trees. The smell just takes me back to my recent summer holidays to Menorca and Majorca with my boyfriend and they are such happy memories for me.
Around winter time I like to wear strong, sexy fragrances. I have a blog post up already about some of my favourite fragrances which you can read if you click here. Strong fragrances make me think of the Winter occassions such as Christmas, New Year and what better time of year to party the night away smelling gorgeous?




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