Preventing Dry Hands: Blogmas#14

During the Winter and cold times of the year the one thing I cannot stand is dry hands. I hate the feeling of dry skin, rough hands and sore fingertips. The skin around my nails goes extremely dry when exposed to the cold which can make a manicure go from a 10 to a 2.
I get eczema in between my fingers during Winter and it can become very red, inflamed and sore if I don’t treat it. Suffering from something like this has forced myself to include hand cream in my daily routine. I always have a tube or a pot in my handbag during the colder months in case my hands need a bit of hydration.

Applying hand cream is the easiest way to prevent dry hands. Hydrating your hands keeps your skin soft and subtle instead of cracked and dry. I tend to switch between three different hand creams because I like to mix things up and use different products.

The aloe vera cream is the best hand cream I’ve ever used on my eczema. Its natural ingredients doesn’t irritate my fingers and I’ve had no problems with my eczema when I use this cream. I got this hand cream from my nail salon last Christmas as a present to all their clients (which I thought was extremely kind of them.) There are lots of hand creams and lotions with aloe vera in them, many you can buy from Boots or Superdrug but if you want to try this one in particular you can buy it from EbayYou don’t need a lot of this cream either because a little definitely goes a long way!

This hand cream has been discontinued now because I think it was only part of Zoella’s Christmas range last year. But oh my goodness, she needs to bring this product back. If you want a hand cream that smells like Christmas then you need to find this (I think you can still buy it on Ebay.) This is my favourite hand cream I’ve ever used. It smells of gingerbread and everything sweet in life; it makes me hungry just using it! I don’t think this cream leaves my hands feeling soft for as long as the aloe vera cream does but the smell just makes it worth while. I always find myself putting this on before I go outside, once I come back inside and even when I’m sat in Uni and fancy some soft hands (as strange as that sounds.)

Soap & Glory is a brand that I rely on for near enough everything. Their body washes, scrubs, lotions and even their makeup are products I use on a daily basis and I think they’re brilliant. And their hand creams are no different! I have around 5/6 tubes of Hand Food because I always panic I’m going to run out. They leave my hands feeling very soft and smelling amazing. The quality of the cream is a lot nicer and thicker than the Zoella one despite being cheaper! The hand creams are super hydrating and almost coats your hand in a protection layer against the wind because my hands don’t dry out when I use this! This one in particular is the sugar crush scent which is my favourite so I’d happily just smell this from the bottle.

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