Pumpkin Spice Latte Face Mask? Blogmas#20

I’m so sorry Blogmas has been non-existent since the 19th. I was having trouble with my blog layout and a lot of posts I was uploading were distorted. So I’ve held off until it was fixed to upload all my scheduled posts. So today you’re going to have an awful lot to read!
Blogmas 20 is about a face mask I got for Christmas from my friend Court (CrtnyJrdnBlog). She knows I love a good face mask and love pumpkin spiced lattes even more. This was the perfect present for me and so I tried this out before my work Christmas do.
I’ve not tried many cream masks before. I’ve tried sheet masks, clay masks, peel masks and charcoal masks. My favourite masks are peel off charcoal masks because they really help to reduce the oil from my skin. But I’m all up for trying new things.

Before applying the face mask I washed my face with my regular face wash. I left my face damp like the instructions told me to and then I was all prepped ready. My initial reaction to this face mask was that it didn’t smell of pumpkin at all. It didn’t really have a scent I could picture! So that was disappointing at first, I really love the smell of pumpkin.
After opening the mask, I could see the consistency of the face mask. It was very thick which I love in a face mask and it felt very smooth and creamy. It didn’t take much to cover my face in the cream because it was so thick and a little went a long way, so I didn’t even use all of the mask!
The mask said to leave it on for 15-20 minutes but after a few minutes of applying the mask, my face started to tingle and sting a little too. I assumed this was because the product was new to my skin and it was trying to adapt; so I pursued through the stinging and sure enough after 5 minutes the pain stopped.
The mask dried after 15 minutes and I used a warm flannel to rinse off the mask. My skin was very red looking afterwards but boy did my face feel soft. It gave my skin such a nice base for my makeup that evening and I’ll definitely use the mask again, just not regularly so it doesn’t irritate my skin.
You can buy the mask from shops such as House of Fraser, ASOSfor under £3 which is a steal. If you know someone who likes trying new masks then definitely get this as a stocking filler because it left my skin feeling refreshed and clean.

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