Revision Tips

It’s exam season and if you’re in any form of education then you may have spent the whole of your Easter holiday’s in a complete meltdown. It’s ok because I’ve done the same.
I’m in my second year of University and I have a law exam on the 15th May; so I’m slightly freaking out.
I find it difficult to revise at the best of times because my mind wanders quite a lot.
With that in mind, I thought it would be helpful to many of you, to share 20 tips on how to revise successfully.
If you all haven’t seen my latest YouTube video then you may want to go and watch that first because that contains tips 1-10. 
But here is my list of tips 11-20 for revision and how to tackle exams/coursework.
11. Repetition
12. Put your phone away
13. Do not mix topics or subjects
14. Leave plenty of time – don’t start last minute
15. If you’re dedicated to revision, take it with you, i.e. the gym
16. Stick your revision notes over your walls and around the house
17. Find the right environment to revise
18. Do not hang around with people who will make you nervous
19. Look at exam papers or exam questions to prepare yourself
20. Believe in yourself.