Roof top Drinks at ME London

London is full of beautiful bars, restaurants and pubs to enjoy a drink with your family and friends for any occasion, or for no occasion at all. The large number of bars can seem overwhelming and make the question of choosing where to go for your drinks even harder.

I was recently invited to join my friend Maria (@mariajblogs on instagram) for some roof top drinks and food at a hotel bar in London. The hotel was called ME London and it is found in the Strand area which is around a 5 minute walk from Covent Garden.
The hotel has a separate entrance to the bar which I think is really well thought through because from my understanding, you do not have to be a guest of the hotel to use their roof top bar. This is nice because it means you can use and abuse the gorgeous views for instagram pictures with your friends while sipping a cocktail or two.

From my photos I think you can see why this is such a gorgeous location for socialising. Not only for the beautiful skyline of London where London Fashion Week is held, but also for the incredible cocktails. Each carefully made with precision, there are plenty of cocktails to go round.
There is a combination of cocktails you can choose from with a variety of bases like vodka, gin or prosecco. My personal favourites were the gin cocktails and prosecco based cocktails because they’re more up my street. The gin was so fresh and light it tasted like lemonade.

If you’re not really a foodie person or don’t tend to get any nibbles whilst out for drinks then this section might not interest you…but this was one of my favourite parts. I love a hotel/bar that offers such a big variety of food for its guests. ME London put on the most incredible spread of food for us I’ve possibly ever seen. Miniature burgers, chicken skewers with a yoghurt dip, fried prawns, chocolate mousse’s with a hint of tia maria I think, and so much more.
There was a food for everyone, meat eaters and vegetarians. The part I liked is that they were finger foods because there is nothing worse than going for drinks in a lush outfit and attempting to eat a big meal. I just can’t do that. Food you can pick at, share with your company and still enjoy is a winner for me.

The overall vibe of the ME London Radio Roof Top Bar is fantastic. For me, it’s such a special place that I’d go to to celebrate an occasion, for a bloggers meet up or even a date night. The service is 10/10 and the staff are so friendly – they were constantly checking up on us to see if we were okay and needed anymore drinks.
If you’re looking for a place to go for drinks anytime soon, I do highly recommend the Radio Roof Top Garden.



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