Sassy Christmas Jumpers Under £20 Wish List: Blogmas#6

You can’t do Christmas without a Christmas jumper. I mean, you can I suppose but it isn’t nearly as much fun. Wearing a Christmas jumper makes the build up to the holiday so exciting and I just get all excited thinking about it! Christmas jumpers just put a smile on people’s faces and they brighten up your outfit everyday in December…because let me tell you I will be wearing a Christmas jumper all throughout December!
The jumpers I have to show you are from ASOS and BooHoo only so if you would like to see anymore from other online retailers then do let me know!
Bah Hum Pug

ASOS  – £18.00
This is the best Christmas jumper I have ever seen. I’m a lover of Christmas jumpers anyway but this one just tops off all the rest. Pugs are one of my favourite animals and to pair them with a humorous Christmas jumper just completes my life. I’m not always a fan of bright Christmas jumpers because I feel like that can be too in your face if you’re trying to have a nice dull down day so this cream one is perfect for days like that. This jumper is more childish I’d say compared to other jumpers I’ve seen but it’s just so fun and so cute that you can’t not love it.
Santa I Can Explain

If you’re looking for a bold red jumper with a little bit of sass then this one is perfect. There can be some very out there Christmas jumpers nowadays – some even with flashing lights and 3D pompoms and Santa stomachs! This one is subtle but still festive and would look incredibly cute tucked into a skirt with tights and boots!
Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

This jumper is just a classic. Home Alone is a Christmas favourite to so many people and this slogan has gone around for years, particularly on Christmas jumpers. Think of this jumper as vintage with a current edge. The black and white gives an edgy cool monochrome vibe that’s subtle but the text just screams CHRISTMAS.
Santa’s Favourite Brunette

This one is for all my brunettes out there. This funny Christmas jumper is for the jokey ones of us out there who like a giggle. Suggesting you’re Santa’s favourite is childish and would give your work or school colleagues a giggle too. There is a blonde version on the website but since I’m a brunette this had to be included in my wish list; because after all, why wouldn’t you think you’re Santa’s favourite?
Santa’s Coming…ELF Christmas Jumper

BOOHOO – £15.00
If you’re a fan of the Christmas film ELF then you will 100% love this jumper. This funny quote is another humorous jumper to wear on Christmas jumper day when you walk into work or school. The dark green colour makes a nice chance from red or white but still keeps in with the festive spirit without looking like a walking Christmas tree. This jumper looks slightly long to me so if you sized up a few sizes when you order this jumper it could make a cute jumper dress!

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