Sassy Secret Santa Present 2: Blogmas#21

It’s Secret Santa round 2! If you didn’t see my previous Secret Santa present unboxing on day 18 then click here to read that one first!
I’m very lucky that I have a few different friendship groups and in two of those we did Secret Santa. You’ve already seen my blogging squad Secret Santa present, but you haven’t seen my sisterhood one. Daisy and Jess are two of my closest friends and having only known them a short while whilst we’ve been at Uni, I couldn’t imagine not having them in my life. We went out for lunch this week to exchange presents, catch up and see each other before Christmas.
Now, we didn’t exactly follow the rules for Secret Santa because we bought small presents for each other. We set a £10 budget for each person so we were only spending a maximum of £20 which we all thought was reasonable. And this is what I received from the girls.
Unicorn Makeup Brushes

These unicorn brushes are the prettiest brushes I’ve ever seen! I’ve never owned brushes so bright and pretty before so they’re definitely going to brighten up my brush collection! The set comes with 10 brushes and there is a mixture of face and eye brushes amongst them. The bristles are super soft which will make blending eyeshadow and contour a dream. The white and purple bristles are to die for and the handles are twisted round in a pretty pattern on the handle to make them look a lot more expensive.
I don’t know how I’m going to use these because I don’t want to get them dirty! These make such great stocking fillers, Secret Santa presents and even main presents because you’d never guess these were £10 or under! I don’t know how much they were exactly or where to get them because that’s rude to ask but I have found some similar ones on AmazonThey are near enough identical so grab them while you can.
Flask Bracelet 

This is quite possibly one of the best presents I’ve ever received. If you’ve been to a festival, holiday or just a normal night out, a lot of you out there will have probably taken a hip flask out with you. Hip flasks let you take alcohol into venues and festivals to save yourself some money. And more times than none you’ve been found out and had the flask taken away. Well say hello to the flask bracelet.
It is a huge chunky bracelet that is also a flask. This genius design allows you to bring alcohol out with you but disguises it as jewellery. When you’re queuing for a festival, you won’t have to fear of your hip flask being found by a metal detector, because nobody will think to check your bracelet! It’s such a funny, humorous present and I absolutely love it.
It’s made from stainless steel and can hold roughly 4 and a half shots. Jess got these off a website called Groupon and they were only £8 each!

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