Sassy Secret Santa Present: Blogmas #18

I love having so many wonderful friends but it can get pretty expensive around Christmas time. My group of blogging friends and I decided that we would do Secret Santa this year to save ourselves some money and have a bit of fun. If you don’t know what Secret Santa is, it’s basically an idea where you only have to buy a present for one person in your friendship circle. You all put your names into a hat and pick out a person each (not yourself, if you do then you have to pick again) and you have to buy a present for your chosen person. You can set spending limits so everyone has a present of the same value or you can all agree to spend what you like.

Us girls went out for an Indian yesterday so we could all catch up and exchange presents before Christmas. The meal was delicious and it was so nice to see everyone again because it had been so long since we were altogether! I will leave all of their blogs linked at the end of this blog post so you can go and check them out but without further rambling, let me show you what Santa (Paige, thanks babes hehe) bought me for Christmas!

For our secret Santa, we set ourselves a £20 spend limit so everyone could get a present that totalled the same amount, which is fair. My lovely Santa bought me the Makeup Revolution Pro Amplified Sculpt and Pro Gift Set. I’m such a huge fan of Makeup Revolution so I was incredibly happy to get this as a present. Their gift sets are always such good quality and you can get them for such good deals too! They definitely make a fabulous present for anyone who loves makeup so I recommend getting them as presents this year!

I’m incredibly excited to try the sculpt and pro palette. The palette was designed to sculpt, colour correct, set your makeup and hold it in place! I usually have 5 different palettes and products to do all that so I’m so excited to have it all in one palette.  There are products to brighten your under eye, reduce the appearance of redness, colours to banish blemishes and fix uneven skin tones too. The palette is fairly large so it would be a pain to travel with as I don’t think it would fit in any travel sized makeup bag.
There is a mixture of cream and powder products in the palette which gives a nice variety for those who might want to try both, one or the other. I prefer powder products myself because I find cream contour smudges very easily on me but that might have something to do with my oily skin, who knows! But the palette is stunning and haven’t even swatched it yet because I wanted to take these pictures!

The highlighting shades next to the white and yellow sections are calling my name. I don’t like a highlighter that is too pale because I’m not a fan of bold highlighter, I much prefer a subtle highlighter that is darker in colour. My skin is actually behaving itself at the moment so I haven’t needed to colour correct in a while but if my skin does go back to playing games with me then I will definitely give the colour correcting shades a go.

The gift set comes with two brushes you can use to conceal and set your makeup. Both brushes are limited edition and the pale pink/nude handles with purple bristles are absolutely beautiful. You know when you get a set of new brushes and they’re too pretty to use so you don’t use them for ages? That’ll probably happen with these two.
The Pro HD Conceal Brush (the smaller of the two) is for your concealer. The brush is very small but dense which will make applying concealer under your eyes and on blemishes very easy and precise. This is also ideal for your colour correcting if you don’t have large problematic areas. The HD Pro Prime & Correct Brush (the bigger of the two) is also good for colour correcting if your problematic areas are larger or if you want to cover more areas. The size of the brush is ideal for setting your makeup with the baked powder underneath your eyes because it’s dense also.

These brushes are not available to buy on their own but they do come in a few other Makeup Revolution Gift Setssuch as the Makeup Revolution Ultimate Nudes Brush Collection 2018 which is on an amazing deal on Superdrug at the moment! It originally retails for £50 but it is on offer for just £25 at the moment which is an absolute steal!

The final product that comes in the gift set is the Pro Fix Fixing Spray which I do own already! I use this after I’ve finished my makeup to hold my face in place and it works wonders. I used to worry about using a spray on my face after I’ve set it in case the products start to run and move around my face. But this doesn’t. It’s probably a great drugstore alternative for the MAC setting spray that other bloggers rave about but since I haven’t tried the MAC one, I can’t be quoted on that.
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