Short Flight Plane Essentials (3 hours or less)

Flying isn’t for everybody and sometimes people really hate the idea of flying.
Me personally, I don’t mind flying; what baffles me is how a machine so large and heavy can fly! But that’s besides the point of this post today.
Some people really struggle with what to pack for the plane journey to their pending destination. I have been on both short and long haul flights but my holiday this year was only a short haul flight. So, without rambling anymore, here are my short flight essentials.
  1. Document holder
    this is the most important folder you will ever possess whilst you are on holiday. Mine keeps passports, boarding passes, travel insurance and all the other important stuff like money for the airport, a pen because you never know when you need to write something.
  2. Phone
    very self explanatory.
  3. Camera
    this one is optional because some people will just use their phone but it you’re a blogger, vlogger, youtuber or lover of photography then this is an essential.
  4. Magazines / Puzzle Books  / Books / Kindle
    this one is more important for me for the actual holiday itself rather than the plane itself but something to read and occupy yourself if you don’t like flying is a great time passer.
  5. Lip Balm
    when I’m travelling my lips can get so dry and especially if you’re flying to another country with a different climate it’s important to keep your lips hydrated.
  6. Hand Sanitizer
    you never know where germs lie, ALWAYS stay clean.
  7. Hand Cream
    very similar to the lip balm, changing climates can have a bad affect on your skin. For example, if you’re going somewhere cold your skin can crack and split and nobody wants that! So a hand cream / body lotion is key.
  8. Nail File
    you never know when you’re going to break a nail…
  9. Sweets / Munchies
    I’m such a little piggy and pig out whenever I’m travelling anywhere and a plane is no different.
Wherever you might be flying this summer, this year or next year; I hope you have a relaxed safe flight. Despite this being a short haul flight guide, I have been on some long haul flights too so do let me know if you’d like a sister post where I share my long haul flight essentials!