Spot Clearing Hacks: Blogmas#16

I’ve had my few shares of horrible spot breakouts over the years and I still get them today. I still panic when I get spots because some come up like huge flying saucers on my face or look like bright red volcanoes. But I do have a few hacks to decreasing their size, reducing redness and drying them up to make the process of them disappearing…faster.

Sudocrem is my holy grail product for clearing spots. I don’t know what wonders it contains but it is used for near enough everything. I think it’s traditionally used for baby nappy rashes and anything sore but it is brilliant for drying out spots. At night I wash and cleanse my face, put on a face cream (to be revealed later), pop a small bit of sudocrem on my spots and leave it on overnight.
Toothpaste is another alternative if you don’t have any sudocrem. Toothpaste does dry out the skin rather quickly so you only need the tiniest amount on your spot or blemish. It can sting depending on how strong your toothpaste is (good brands tend to sting more than supermarket own).

I’ve used this product as a primer underneath my makeup for over a year now and it leaves my skin feeling absolutely incredible. My foundation applies beautifully if I’ve put it on and plus it works great as a skin detox. I have really oily skin which I’m convinced is why I break out in spots quite often – so I’ve tried to train my skin to not produce as much oil if I use oily products. So this product leaves my skin feeling very fresh and is training the oil to stay at bay, so if you’re like me then definitely give this a try.┬áBut for the spot factor, I apply this after I’ve washed and cleansed my face in the evening. I put this on before bed and my skin feel so fresh, clean and healthy.
I know this one is so much easier said than done but do not touch your spots. If you’re like me and love popping spots (so gross but I love it) it’s really hard to not want to pop spots. I would only pop a spot if it’s “ready to go” because if you try squeezing it and it’s not ready, all it’s going to do is aggravate your skin and spread bacteria to other areas of your face and create more spots. If you pop a spot, put some sudocrem or toothpaste straight on, embrace the sting, and let it dry up.

Face masks are great for drying out my oily skin – particularly charcoal masks. Again, because I have oily skin I like to use things that are drying and this is perfect for spots too. If I can feel a break out coming or if I’ve broken out in a load of spots then I’ll use a face mask to dry them out and reduce the redness.
I know that sometimes we all need to pile on the makeup to cover our spots for work, school or a night out, but if you’re just sat at home then avoid putting on makeup. Let your skin breathe. Let your spots dry naturally so makeup doesn’t clog your pores and irritate your spots even more. If you avoid makeup then your skin is likely to clear up quicker.

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