Spring Styling and Tips!

Spring is finally here and I could not be happier. I do love the connotations that winter brings, hot chocolate; fluffy socks, warm blankets and Christmas. Winter is a great time of year but it’s time for the sunshine to take over and the big coats to go back up into the loft (or attic.)
Spring brings light, warmth and flowers which are the best things in life. With that in mind, myself and my friends at iRazoo thought it would be fun to think about some more. We were talking about rainy Spring days and I learned about their videos, games surveys that let you earn gift cards to spend on beautiful Spring accessories. Today, I’m here to share exactly that. My top Spring  style tips and statement pieces that I’m going to be loving throughout Spring and even the current pieces I’m crushing on!
Resting Jacket

So as it is now Spring it is the perfect in between weather. I went to London on Saturday and I happened to be wearing a bandeau two piece with a faux fur jacket. The sunshine in London and the warmth was so nice that I couldn’t wear my jacket properly – I had to rest it on my shoulders because it was such lush weather! Despite it being slightly annoying, I think that resting a jacket on your shoulders look super classy, sassy and it’s very convenient for the Spring in case it’s cold and you need to throw on a jacket.
Pastel Colours
This is such a typical post for Spring but pastel colours are a must have for the Spring time. Pastel shoes, pastel bags, pastel lipsticks, just pastel anything! Pastel colours are a great way to add some colour into your wardrobe and style without going too bright. During the winter time I tend to wear a lot of monochrome outfits simply because that’s just what I tend to live in, but pastel accessories add a great pop of colour.

I know they aren’t to everyone’s cup of tea but I just love loafers. There is something about them when they are paired with rolled up skinny jeans that I adore! They’re comfortable slip on dolly shoes with a thicker sole for comfort and the air for the warmer times of year; like Spring! They can make any outfit look super cute and give off a very ‘girl next door’ kind of vibe which is always nice.
Distressed Clothing

This sounds very odd I know but I think the distressed clothing trend will carry on throughout Spring. With the warmer weather finally here it’s nice to get some fresh air – and sometimes having holes in your clothes can do just the job. For me personally, there is nothing worse than sitting in a University lecture, in a stuffy classroom picking up a sweat. If I’m wearing a distressed tee or ripped jeans then I partly staying cool, and plus they just look fabulous.
Less Dark More Light
I’m such a huge fan of dark plum and brown lipsticks that it’s hard for me to transition into lighter shades. Luckily it is acceptable to wear a nude lip all year round because let’s face it there is no better lip colour…but nonetheless, it’s time to say goodbye to berries! Throughout the summer I love wearing peach, coral and sometimes even a pink lip. When I’m tanned all I will wear is a coral lipstick and it just looks so pretty paired with a simple white tee, blue skinny jeans, loafers and a pastel coloured handbag! Very Spring like!