Tale As Old As Time Afternoon Tea

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite films of all time. Both the 1991 original and the 2017 remake, they are incredible and I’ve watched them on repeat more times than I could probably count. My family know I’m a little Disney crazy so for my 21st birthday back in March, my Auntie and Uncle gave me a present of a beauty and the beast themed afternoon tea.
I had been so excited for months and finally the day came for myself, Chris and both my Auntie and Uncle to head off to London.
We don’t live too far away from London so we drove down to Brent Cross and got the tube from there, but oh my goodness, the heat was unbearable. The tubes are bad enough as it is with them being underground. But try travelling into central London, underground, with 30 degree heat that us Brits are not used too…I’ll tell you, it’s slightly uncomfortable.
Eventually we arrived in South Kensington and took a slow walk over to The Kensington Hotel where the afternoon tea is held. (The hotel is about a 10 minute walk from South Kensington tube station or a 5 minute walk from Gloucester Road tube station.) We walked through the beautiful hotel reception to what seemed like the back of the hotel, and waited in a little room while our table was being prepared.

Once we were seated at our table, we had a look through the menu to see what food was going to be served, along with a choice of tea and cocktails to choose from. I was pretty boring and went for a standard English Breakfast tea but I did choose an amazing sounding cocktail called a Va Vo Voom (which was delightful.) It was a blend of strawberry puree, pineapple juice and champagne, very delicious.
Our waitress brought over our chosen teas in individual pots, poured them out for us and picked up our napkins and placed them on our lap for us, ready for starters. I was a little startled when we first sat down at our table – but not in the way you think. There was a little sieve that sits on your teacup to catch the leaves from the tea (who knew this was a thing) as well as having somebody putting your napkin on your lap for you. I’m not used to that kind of treatment, but I didn’t half feel special!
The starter came fairly quickly and it looked amazing. There’s nothing worse than going to a restaurant and not being able to choose between two items of the menu. Having 3 miniature starters suited me fine because I could try new foods and not feel full up before my main has even arrived. We had a bite-size venison pie, a beef ragu & saffron arancini lemon creme fraiche and a cheese souffle roscoff onion pissaladiere.

Once we finished our starters, our plates were cleared and new cutlery was brought to the table along with some little friends. It was at this point that I realised how much my inner child had come out but they were so realistic! Cogsworth the clock actually ticked, Lumiere’s flames flickered, Mrs Potts contained cream for the desserts and Chip held a grey mousse. This was such a nice touch to the occasion and really brought the table to life (and also made it pretty obvious it was a themed tea.)
Our waitress brought over our towers of food, one per couple, and proceeded to tell us the reason behind the chosen foods. At any normal afternoon tea, you would have scones with cream and jam; whereas at ours we had brioche bunsĀ  with chocolate spread and jam to represent the bread that is made at the beginning of the film. The sandwiches were just your standard sandwiches, egg mayonnaise, salmon, turkey with cranberry and cream cheese with cucumber but they were delicious. And then followed the top tier…the cakes.

The cakes were absolutely incredible. Mini mousses in chip the cup, cinnamon biscuits covered in marzipan in the shape of Belle’s dress, chocolate tarts in the shape of Cogsworth, a chocolate macaroon covered in coconut sprinkles and a vanilla jelly with a rose petal embedded inside. I’m such a chocolate/dessert person so I was in my element with this tier of food. After a few I did start to feel a little full but as the saying goes, “Mumma didn’t raise no quitter.”
After we finished our afternoon tea, we wandered back to this little alley way so I could take some outfit pictures back it was such a pretty location. There was a cute little red scooter/moped which complimented my dress beautifully but also little flowers everywhere, and I’m a good sucker for flowers.
If you are thinking about booking the Tale As Old As Time I highly recommend. It was the perfect family afternoon and really made my 21st birthday even more special. Click here to book your afternoon tea.


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