Things To Do at Christmas Time: Blogmas#12

I love Christmas time but I hate the feeling of not knowing what to do. I feel like everyone spends their time rushing around buying Christmas presents, spends hours wrapping them and before they know it, it’s time to go back to work/school again.
So, with that in mind I’ve compiled a little list of different things you can do over Christmas to make the most of your time off (if you’re a student like me.)
Visit Christmas Markets

Unfortunately we are not granted with Christmas markets all year round because in case you didn’t know, it isn’t Christmas all year round. So, late November when the Christmas markets come out you have to visit one.

Tomorrow I’m going to a local Christmas market with my friend Courtney, (if you click her name you’ll end up at her fabulous blog) so I’m very excited for that. But whilst I was in Berlin with my boyfriend Chris, we went to a Christmas market and we had the best time.
There was mulled wine, food and lots of stalls to buy Christmas gifts and they’re just so magical!
Chill Out and Watch Films

If you can’t be lazy at Christmas then when can you be lazy? I break up from University for the Christmas holiday’s on Wednesday but that doesn’t mean I’ve been rushing around on my weekends. I have loved lying in bed watching films all day.
I don’t know where you are in the UK but this weekend my hometown was completely snowed under and everybody was stuck indoors. Cars were stuck in the snow, shops were shut – so what better reason to lie in bed all day?
My little siblings and I laid in bed on Saturday and watched HOP…yes it’s not a Christmas film but it is such a funny film and it definitely lifted my mood.
Day Out at Winter Wonderland

If you live close to London or go to London quite often then you’ll know that Winter Wonderland is held at Hyde Park every single year. It’s an incredible event held every year and I think it’s getting bigger and better.
It’s just a big Winter carnival with rides, food and merry-go-round bars for you to sit and mingle with your friends and family. The atmosphere is always so friendly and I think it’s open from lunch time til very late at night and it’s open just before December so you’ve got around 5 weeks to go which is fab.
Go for Cute Walks

When it’s snowing during the Winter going for walks can seem like such a mission – but they’re honestly so cute!! The crunching sound of snow under your boots is the most satisfying sound and feeling, plus it makes me feel so festive! Just remember to wrap up warm because it will be chilly!

To finish off, you have to decorate your Christmas tree. No matter how old you get, this is such a nice thing to do one evening with your friends or family. Put on a film, order and takeaway and just enjoy yourselves! But try not to argue about which decoration should go where lol.

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