Top Tips for Winter Shoots

Daily or weekly shoots can prove to be difficult for both full time and part time bloggers. If you’re a blogger who loves to shoot outdoors then you’ll soon realise it’s a lot nicer to shoot in the summer than it is in the winter (for obvious reasons.) The cold can be really off-putting and a lot of us will resort of shooting in our homes or limiting the time we spend outdoors. But we shouldn’t let the cold stop us from working.
For a long time I’ve chosen to shoot the majority of my content in London because they seemed to be the pictures my audience enjoyed the most and  I really enjoyed those shoots in particular. But slowly and surely I’ve tried to ease out of shooting in London all the time and instead trying shooting some content indoors at home. However, I do still go to London once or twice a month to shoot some fashion snaps and I’ve got some great tips for you to prevent the cold nipping at your toes during your shoots.
Plan Ahead

Planning is such an important stage before any shoot day. Knowing the locations you want to go to, how far away the location is from a tube station and what is generally nearby. I try my hardest to shoot as many locations in the closest proximity as possible so there is more time to shoot rather than travelling. Travelling in the cold is not fun and there is nothing worse than planning a shoot day and it taking you 6 hours rather than 3.
I try to plan my shoot days with cafes/restaurants in mind. These are key to your shoot day. They can provide you with food, drinks AND toilets to change outfits in which is perfect. Funnily enough, you won’t find many places in London that will let you use their facilities for free – so if it’s somewhere that you can stop for your lunch, a drink or even to shoot, all the better.
Coffee Stops

There is nothing more satisfying than getting a hot drink when it’s freezing cold outside so coffee stops are great to add to your plan. As mentioned earlier, they provide hospitality as well as a place to change your outfit so why not kill two birds with one stone?
As well as that, they also make great backdrops for photos and coffee cups are great props! It adds more depth to the photo and if you feel a little awkward about posing, coffee cups provide that comfort and naturalness which relaxes you.
Less Outfits More Frequently
If you like to shoot where you live then this tip is probably a bit easier for you – but shoot less outfits but more frequently. It’s that time of year now where it’s cold in the morning right through to the evening, there is just no escaping. So, to keep out of the cold for a long as possible, only shoot one or two outfits per shoot, but have shoot days more frequently. This means you’ll have less outfits to change into when out and about but it also means your days are shorter, so you can edit pieces quicker and upload content more frequently.
If you’re shooting 6/7 outfits per shoot, it’s going to be a long day for you. You’re going to be exposed to the cold for longer and you’ll be rushing around to get your content done before the light goes around 4pm.

This is the time of year where all you want to do is shoot jumpers and jeans with big puffer coats. If all you’re doing is changing jumpers for your shoot, layer up! Put on a long sleeve top that won’t show underneath to keep yourself warm. It’s something so simple that we wouldn’t think to do but give it a try!

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