Upcoming Hair, Beauty and Fashion: Benedict Hairdressing

Hair, beauty and fashion trends are constantly changing and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them. Trends fall in and out of fashion all the time and we’ve often see old hair styles come back around in the 21st Century. But reading about upcoming trends is different to seeing it with your own eyes through either YouTube videos or catwalks, etc.
I was extremely excited when I was contacted by a local hairdressers in my area, Benedict Hairdressing, to attend their new event which was showcasing up upcoming hair and beauty trends. I’d never been to a hairdressing show before so I was interested to see how this differed from other beauty events.

The event took place last weekend and so on Sunday I went down to Benedict to attend their showcase with my friend Jess. I’d never been to the salon before and was pleasantly surprised when I walked through the door. The salon was modern, looked immaculate and was decorated head to toe with Christmas decorations.
We were greeted with a pink bubbly mocktail and a chocolate tart (which I shoved in my mouth, very lady-like I know). I was spotted by Larne who had kindly invited me to the event and she came over and chatted to us about what we could do and the rundown of the evening.

I went snapping away, taking pictures of everything I could see because it was all so cute. Shelves upon shelves of products, gift boxes and there was an Instagram spot where you could have your photo taken with the boarder. The shelves of products was possibly my favourite part of the salon. I’ve been to so many salons and they’ve had products mixed together or organised them just to make the merchandising look excellent. But what I really look for is types of hair products.
Benedict organise their shelves on hair types which makes it super easy to find the products for you. From damaged hair to greasy hair to coloured hair, they have a section for you and it means you can buy the products that you NEED rather than what you think will help you.

Besides showcasing up and coming fashion, the event was also to raise awareness for the charities Keech and ChumsI’d never heard of Chums before but they are a mental health and emotional wellbeing service for children and young people. They offer support to the families as well as the children who need help and run activity days and residential weekends. They are an amazing cause that needs more awareness because there are thousands of children who do not get the help they need, simply because they need more funding.
To help raise some money for the two charities there was a cake stand and raffle tickets for us to buy to give ourselves the chance to win some amazing goodies from the salon. Whether you win or not, the donation to both charities was the main motive to buy a ticket and cake, not to win a prize.
After wandering around the entrance of the salon, Jess and I went and took a seat in the main part of the salon, which had been revamped into a catwalk layout. With a goodie bag on each chair and bright lights everywhere it was a bloggers dream. In the bags were miniature products of some of the salons well known and used brands and a cute bag of chocolate brownies which I demolished in about 2 minutes flat (not whilst I was still there!)

There was a slight wait for the show to begin whilst we were waiting for everyone to arrive and take their seats but this gave Jess and I the chance to eye up the products on the side shelves next to us. When I was being notice I noticed one of my holy grail products that I didn’t know I could buy in the salon. Every time I wash my hair and go to blow-dry my hair, I towel dry my hair and put a small amount of KeraStraight Ultimate Oil into the ends of my hair to keep my extensions looking soft and not split. I tried using it in my roots but I found that just made my hair greasy so I just stick to my ends so if you’re looking to keep the ends of your hair healthy then head down to Benedict to grab yourself a bottle!
But back to the event, once everyone had sat down, we were given an introduction to the event, why we were all hear and a speaker from Chums talked us through what the charity does and why it needs more recognition.

The catwalk was around 10 minutes and each model was dressed/styled by a different hairdresser at the salon. There were some edgy looks, classic looks, chic looks and many more – but they were all different which was fabulous. There is nothing worse than watching the same styles wander past you every 30 seconds because you want to see something different each time to keep your attention. And that’s what this did.
After the show had finished the models and hairdressers came out so we could chat to them about their looks and find out what products they used to get their look. I thought this was really good of the salon to organise that because it meant we weren’t going to go away wishing we knew which products were used to get a slick back high bun (for example.)
But I want to thank the Benedict hair team for inviting me along to the event and for organising such a wonderful event with a great cause x