Valentine’s Day Treats #AD

Valentine’s Day is a day that a lot of single people dread. I know it’s a few weeks away but but let’s face it, our supermarkets are filled with bright red and pink love hearts, cards and presents. It’s sickening. A lot of people hate the thought of being alone on the “holiday” that is meant to be about being with a loved one and doing something nice. Well the truth is a lot of couples hate the holiday too! My boyfriend and I don’t celebrate the holiday. I don’t believe you should celebrate loving your partner one day a year. You should love and spoil them everyday of the year. But you don’t have to be alone on valentine’s day. There are plenty of things you can do to treat yourself this valentine’s or to get through the day without thinking about it.
One way to treat yourself this valentine’s is to a nice new bath set. I personally love bath/shower sets because you get such a bargain for the money you spend. One brand that has fab discounts at the moment is L’occitane. they’re a well known-body, face and fragrances retailer and they do a variety of products for all kinds. They sell individual products such as shower oils, facial cleansing brushes and amazing gift sets for women.

Some of my favourite gift sets are their Shea Butter Skincare Collection; I’m such a fan of shea butter and it leaves my skin feeling super soft and the Calming Lavender Trio because it’s so relaxing and leaves me feeling refreshed and ready for sleep. It would also make a lovely present to yourself if you struggle to sleep because lavender is supposedly known to help you sleep better.
Another good way to get through Valentine’s is to spend it with friends. If you’re over 18 then you and your pals could plan a trip to the pub for a few drinks or a trip to the bingo. I’ve never been to bingo but it looks super fun and I bet it would be a right giggle. If you’re under 18 then a meal out with your friends or something else like the cinema would certainly take your mind off valentine’s day.

You could also stay at home and have a pamper evening! I love nothing better than having a nice warm bubble bath and treating myself to a face mask. My favourite one I loved over Christmas and have continued to love this month is the Masque Bar Pumpkin Spiced Latte face mask. I did a review on this over Christmas so if you click here you can head over to read my post.
This next idea is for all my students out there who struggle with budgeting like me or just simply want to save a bit of money. With your partner or your friends or family, have a night in making your own cocktails! There are so many recipes online and plus it’s a fun way to have a good time without getting changed out of your pyjamas. have so many amazing recipes to try and all you’d have to buy is the ingredients – a perfect fun night in.

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