Billie Faiers X KISS Products Party

If you’ve followed my blog for a while then you know I’ve attended quite a few Alex Silver PR press events for their clients. The ASPR girls are my favourite in the industry because they’re incredible to work with and their attention to detail is second to none.¬†An invitation came through my emails to attend a press evening for the launch of TOWIE and The Mummy Diaries star, Billie Fairs, becoming the new ambassador for KISS products, and of course I jumped at the chance.
Heading off to London on the train after work with Charlotte (Scarlet Slippers) gave us time to catch up after not seeing her for a few weeks and after nearly getting on the overground line instead of the underground we made it to The Marylebone Hotel.
We met the lovely Charlotte (@charlotterosewheatley) outside the hotel and headed into the event together. We were greeted by the ASPR team who looked incredibly chic and had a little debrief on what to expect for the evening as well as the different stands to visit. With a free bar, ice cream stand and food platters floating around we were certainly well looked after – and after a long day at work I took full advantage.

We first took full advantage of being one of the first guests there and getting our photo taken in front of the brand board for the gram and got a few different photo combinations because you always need more than one right? The lighting in the hotel room was incredible; it was a bit like a conservatory because the ceiling had glass squares cut out which meant the lighting was fantastic. I really appreciate venues with great lighting because it makes editing your pictures so much easier.

We then wandered into the first treatment room where Impress nails and KISS nails manicures were taking place as well as lash makeovers with the beauty team. There was around 15 styles of nails to choose from as well as around 10 different sets of false eyelashes. With glue on nails or press on nails, there was a style and shape to suit everyone which is why I love the brand. They have colours to suit every season and always bring out new ones at just the right time, i.e. for Christmas. The lashes are all faux mink I believe but with 3 different collections, there is a mixture of lengths, volumes and shapes to suit all eye shapes and preferences.
I decided to have my nails done as well as my lashes – choosing the style Splendour for my lashes and a gorgeous purple/grey colour in the acrylic style for my nails.

Walking out of the treatment room we ventured to the garden room which was covered with greenery and flowers, which was where the band played and the ice cream stand was. I really regret not getting any ice cream now because they looked insane! But we spent the rest of the evening socialising, drinking and chatting with Billie herself as well as Jess Wright, Gillian McKeith and Laura Crane from this years Love Island.

Collecting our goodie bags as we left, we made our way back to the tube stations to go home after a really lovely evening. Charlotte and I decided to look through our goodie bags on the train home and once again we were spoilt rotten. Over 10 pairs of nails and 10 pairs of lashes, I’m set on the beauty front for the next few months. I always have such a good time at the Alex Silver PR events because they leave you feeling beauty’d out and so motivated to blog (well that’s just me!)

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