#BloggersFestival by Scarlett London

Scarlett London never fails to pull off a spectacular event. The woman has a super power of interior decor and organisation. As a blogger, I love going to different events, meeting new people and discovering new brands. As soon as I saw that Scarlett was hosting another London event I just knew I had to attend. I messaged my good friend Paige (who is also a blogger and you’ve probably seen on my blog and Instagram) and within 10 minutes we had bought our tickets.
The morning arrived and after a stressful morning of deciding what to wear and a quick pit stop to Starbucks for my morning coffee fix, we hopped on a train to London for a day of fun.
The event was held at the beautiful Conrad London St. James Hotel in Westminster, London. The building was absolutely stunning and it was so classy and asthetically pleasing that of course we had to take a picture outside.

The interior of the hotel was absolutely stunning also. Walking around on the marble floor surrounded by flower arrangements at every door was a bloggers dream. It was so photogenic that is was a prime spot for Instagram snaps.
Before the event began, Paige and I wandered around London taking some outfit snaps for our blogs. This can either go one of two ways; either we love all the photos we take or we hate all of them. Luckily for us, Paige’s boyfriend George came into London with us and was able to take some amazing pictures for us.

Once we were done with our photoshoots, we headed back to the hotel.
Walking into the hotel we caught up with another group of girls who were also here for the event and together we somehow managed to get lost. The hotel was huge and there were so many rooms and corridors but after finding the correct room, we walked into the event.

We were greeted with a glass of champers and had the opportunity to have our picture taken in front of a huge cream and pink balloon wall which was so cute. It reminded me of the final scene in High School Musical after the final basketball game! Walking into the first room there was a gigantic table that started at one end of the room and finished at the other. It was covered with different cutlery, props, candles and anything else you would need for a flat lay picture. The idea behind the table was to learn how to take flat lay pictures and how to angle your props to compliment your main object.
Along the wall in the same room hung Scarlett’s new fashion collection; ranging from dresses, to bags, skirts and blouses. The theme was very floral, dainty and girly – in other words, absolutely stunning. The bags were my ultimate favourite because a girl can never have to many bags can she?

Walking into the second room my eyes were met with so many different stalls and tables of different brands, clothing companies and even charities. Each table brought something different the us bloggers certainly felt treated with the free products the brands were handing out for us to try. Brands from 7th Heaven, Quiz Clothing, San Disk, Chelsea Candle and many more came down to London to introduce to us their new products and releases.

The festival catered to a variety of bloggers. Beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, health blogger, fitness bloggers and many other kinds all had a stall of interest. There is always something to do as well! Whether that be having your photo taken in a photobooth, using a cardboard frame to take an Instagram snap and testing/tasting the products too!

Paige and I also met some bloggers that we know through Instagram but had never met in person! It is such a surreal feeling to meet somebody in person that you know and see online all the time; strange but also so nice because you can put a voice and personality to the face! As well as meeting people you already know, it’s to meet people who you have never met before! Everyone tends to have their own reason for attending an event so it’s always nice to hear stories and get to know new people. Plus, it’s a great way to network!
When leaving the event, Scarlett had hundreds of goodie bags ready for guests to take away with them from the event. The bags are always filled with lovely generous gifts and this time Scarlett really outdone herself! She is always so generous and it’s nice to have full sized products sometimes instead of testers because you can really test a product properly and leave an honest review instead of a short first impression. As well as Scarlett’s generosity, Quiz Clothing also gave me a pair of red ankle frilled trousers, a diamante choker and a £50 gift card to spend online or in store!
It is always such a pleasure to attend Scarlett’s event so bring on the next one! x