Blogging Tips: Blogmas#13

I have been blogging for a few years now and over the years my style has changed dramatically. I first started blogging on the free website blogspot back in April 2015 until January this year. I had been blogging for just under 2 years and felt confident in the direction I was going and I wanted my own site.
From there I bought my own domain (name) daniejade and created my own site through I monitor, customise and design my blog through wordpress and since February of this year, I’ve never looked back.

But since 2015 my blogging has changed dramatically. I first started blogging about anything; beauty, fashion, fitness, lifestyle, travel and anything I liked really. I loved writing about anything but I found I didn’t really have one type of audience so a lot of my content didn’t suit my readers. So I cut it down to a few topics that I found reached out to my readers. So became fashion and lifestyle based. I do write about beauty every now and again but it isn’t my main focus.
I often get a lot of questions from people looking to start a blog but they have no idea where to start. So I thought it would be quite nice to share some tips for those of you who might need some help.
A lot of people assume you need to buy a website when you start to blog – when realistically I’d recommend setting up a site through a free website first. I have seen so many people start blogging, claim to love blogging and then disappear 6 months to a year later. There is no point investing your time and money into something that you might not be committed to in 12 months time.
Spend a year blogging on a free site such as or and find your feet. See how you get on, find what topics you love to write about and just experiment! Find your brand and find your love in blogging. If you enjoy it, love it and want to make a go of it after a year then definitely look into getting your own domain where you can continue to grow your brand.

Blogging is about passion and doing something you love – which is why you should write about things you love. It’s one thing to write about the current trends but it’s something that might not grab the attention of your readers. If you’re not passionate about what you’re talking about then your readers will see that and they won’t come back to your site again – despite writing about current trends or makeup looks.
If you show passion, love and drive in whatever your writing about, people will relate to you and they’ll remember your blog. They’ll remember your writing style and they’ll relate to you! It’s about showing your personality to make yourself memorable. If you want to write about fashion from the 80s, do it! It doesn’t matter that it was 30 years ago – if you show your readers you love it, they’ll enjoy reading it! And in return, you’ll look forward to blogging.

This one is probably the trickier to do but it’s so important. Being consistent with your content upload is key to gaining an audience. If you set up a schedule in your head for when you want to upload then it makes it easier to plan posts and to also gain trust from your readers. If you work full time, are still in education or just having big commitments then uploading once a week might be easier for you to maintain. When I’m at Uni I find it quite hard to upload more than two posts a week because my time is being used to revise or write essays. But over the holiday’s I find more time to blog so I can increase my number of uploads. But meeting deadlines is crucial and it’s important to not set goals too big that you can’t reach them.
Networking and meeting other bloggers and brands is such an important part of blogging if you want to make a real go at it. If you like just writing about things you enjoy and prefer to keep yourself small then maybe this part isn’t so important for you. But if you’re looking to branch out, expand your brand and get your name out there then you need to network. The easiest way to do this is through social media. Get yourself on as many social media sites as you possibly can so you can interact with people every single day. Twitter and Instagram are the easiest platforms (in my opinion) to interact on.

Another great way is to go to events and meet ups. Meeting other bloggers and brands face to face is such a great way to get work and to meet new friends. I have met so many lovely girls through blogging and we chat regularly about how we’re doing. Going to events is a great way to interact with brands. If you chat to brands, talk about their products and build a rapport with them then they’re likely to reach out to you in the future for other events, campaigns and even sponsored posts.
There are a few sites you can go on to find events that are an open invitation, such as Eventbrite. You’ll find a few events that are free and won’t cost you a penny to go, but some of the events that are really worth going to will cost you. Some can vary between £5-£200 but I haven’t been to an event that has cost me more than £20 and I’ve had the best time. Scarlett London events are always worth going to. Scarlett organises the best events and you always leave with new contacts and amazing products in goodie bags (which are ideal to blog about!)

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