Current Skin Care Routine

Keeping my skin clean, healthy and glowing is such a goal of mine. I’m quite lazy when it comes to my skincare routines, I won’t lie, but recently have been trying to take more pride in my appearance and up my skin care routine game.
If you wear makeup, it’s particularly important to clean your skin afterwards because it can clog your pores. Clogged pores can lead to blackheads, spots and just overall bad skin. I’ve always suffered with oily skin so I should take extra care, but I hadn’t done until recently. I’d received a few new skin care products in my blogger mail over the last few weeks and I’ve implemented them into my nightly routine.
Makeup Remover
Ensuring all your makeup is removed before you wash your face is critical because it removes the majority of the dirt and old makeup, so when you wash your face it is reaching your skin and not the barrier in front of it.
If you work in an office on a regular basis like me and you tend to wear makeup all day, removing it all in one go can be a challenge. I have never found a makeup remover that removes my foundation in one swipe like this product does. It is so lightweight on the skin, does require rubbing in, and does leave an oily feeling on the skin.

It’s great for removing my eye makeup too. Removing tough eyeliner? No problem. Tacky eyelash glue? No problem. This is great! Just pop it on a cotton pad, rub away for a few seconds and before you know it, your eye is naked all over again, ready for the face washing.
You can buy this from your local drugstores such as Superdrug or Boots in a variety of sizes – I usually pick the one of the biggest ones at 700ml because they’re usually on a really good offer. They’re not so practical for travelling but you can also buy smaller ones.
Face Wash

It is the more luxurious item out of this routine but quite possibly the most important one. Thalgo face wash has been my staple for the last few years now. I use the Thalgo Cleansing Cream Foam and it helps to reduce the excess oils in my skin as well as the appearance of redness.
I dampen my face first and massage the foam into my skin until I can’t no more. Using a warm wet flannel, I remove the wash and pat my face dry with a towel. It doesn’t feel too harsh on my skin and doesn’t feel dry afterwards.
It retails for around £22 which isn’t too bad for a face wash that goes a long way and actually works.
Face Masks

I’ve been flicking between two face masks at the moment and both have proven to do wonders for my skin. I’m a firm believer that you should invest in your skin like you would a handbag or a pair of shoes. Face masks really help to upkeep your skin so it’s important to use them to treat your skin as well feel like you’re having a spa treatment in the comfort of your own bath.
The first mask I’ve been using is the L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask (£6.00) which is amazing for helping my oily skin. I always believe that charcoal masks extract the excess oils from my skin, I don’t know whether it’s true or not but I think it works. It always leaves my skin feeling clean, tight and dry which sounds gross but if you have oily skin you’ll understand how nice it feels.

The mask has a medium consistency which isn’t too thick but is definitely buildable on the skin. It dries quickly if you apply a thin layer which is perfect for that quick skin fix but you can leave it on longer if you apply a thick layer for a deep cleanse. The mask definitely detoxes my skin; it leaves my skin feeling firm and slightly dry which is perfect for me because it dries out any spots I might have on my face at the time.
I tend to use this around 2-3 times a week and it definitely helps to keep my spots at bay.
The second is by a brand called Alya Skin and the mask I’ve been using is the Pink Perfect Australian Pink Clay Mask (£30.00) which has the cutest baby pink consistency. The masks aims to detoxify and brighten your skin – something which I seriously lack and need.

This face mask doesn’t dry quickly because the consistency of the mask if very thick, so applying generously is key. It doesn’t have a scent which I prefer because I don’t want a constant smell going up my nose for 10-15 minutes straight. There isn’t any obvious instant results unless you took a before and after picture; but after my first use, my under eyes did look a bit brighter. I have very dark circles so I find masks like this really handy.
It is more of a luxurious face mask because of the price so I try to only use this once a week to save it, but for the quality the price definitely does match.
Until a few weeks ago, I had never used a toner. I didn’t really see the point in it and thought it was something only my mum really used (sorry Mum lol.) It wasn’t until I was sent a bottle in my blogger mail that I thought I’d give it a go.

Since using this toner for around two weeks now, I can honestly say my skin feels amazing when I wake up in the morning. It doesn’t feel as oily which I was concerned about and my overnight spot breakout has certainly deteriorated a lot! I’ve always had trouble with my skin so to not have as many spots recently has been a dream.
I use a cotton pad, drop some product onto it and gently rub it into my skin after washing my face (and using a face mask if I’ve used one that night.) This toner costs £15.50 from Beauty and Seoul and it is so worth the money!
Tea Tree Serum

I’ve tried so many different serums over the years to combat my spots but this one is by far the best. I’m quite lucky in the sense that my spots don’t scare my skin that much – only on the odd occasion. This serum is the last product I apply to my face before I go to sleep and it has really helped to dry out my spots overnight.
It reduces the size and redness of my spots by quite a lot but you don’t need much of the product as it probably would dry out your skin. I apply the tiniest amount to each spot or blemish and lightly rub it into my skin because the consistency is thin and it would just run down my face.
This serum is £15 from Beauty and Seoul which again is very inexpensive because you only need the tiniest amount of product.

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