Fashion Show Live Catwalk 2017

As a lover of fashion of course a catwalk is going to be right up my street. Because, duh.
On Saturday 8th July (so just over a week and a half ago) my lovely blogger pal Jodie (will leave her links down below) invited me along to a catwalk event she was helping out with to raise awareness for loving yourself from the inside out.
Immediately knowing this wasn’t going to be a standard catwalk and would instead include normal girls who aren’t models, feature unknown amazing designers and teaching you to love the inside of you and not what you look like on the outside, I just had to say yes.
So the day arrived and it was such a beautiful Saturday. As cliche as it sounds, the birds were literally singing, the sky was clear as day and the sun was beaming. Since the event wasn’t until 7pm in the evening, that only left one thing for me to do until then; and that was sit in a pub garden.

After spending the day in the pub with my boyfriend and friends, it was then time to meet another blogger pal of mine, Jamie (I will also leave her links down below), for the catwalk event! I was so excited because I’d not been to an event with Jamie before so I was really excited for her to experience the evening more than myself.
I had no idea what to expect as I’d never been to an FSL (fashion show live) event before so this was all new for me too.

The catwalk event itself was held at the Carnival Arts Centre in Luton. It’s such a well known venue in Luton as it holds concerts, “raves” and also University exhibitions so it was nice to know where I was going for once.
The team dressed and decorated the venue beautifully. From the outside the centre does look very plain (despite the bright colours) and you wouldn’t of thought that it’s modern on the inside (but let me tell you, it is.)
Despite knowing where the venue was, Jamie and I were worried about where we were going because we had no idea where the entrance was. It’s such a big centre and from previously going there for some University exhibitions, I had no clue which entrance was for which part of the building! However, when we got there, there was a huge clue that gave away where we were supposed to go…

FSL had this huge graffiti sign standing outside the venue and it looked absolutely incredible. It stood out like a sore thumb and was a great background for some Instagram snaps too! Understandably they had barriers around it to prevent it from being damaged but I think it made the art look quite grungy and cool.
The fashion show was to represent positivity and loving yourself from the inside out and to teach others that it’s ok to be different and to express yourself in a way that you feel comfortable. Whether that is expressing yourself through fashion, beauty, writing, sport or anything else that demonstrates who you are.

(photography by: Fotojig)
Outside the main entrance was a photographer taking photographs of guests, family and models as they entered the venue. The backdrops were a mixture of FSL pictures and slogans and what I imagine are local sponsors. Seeing everybody smiling and capturing the moment was so lovely because you could spot the proud family members a mile away!
Jamie and I also got a few pictures in front of the boards before we went in and they turned out to be so cute! I’m definitely going to have to frame one of them or print one out to stick on my photo wall for the memory!
We were greeted by Jodie as we went inside and were given our VIP lanyards and a free goodie bag too which is absolutely amazing and I will share with you all in another post this week!
We walked into the venue and it was bustling with tonnes of people of all ages. It made such a nice change to be at an event that wasn’t just full of fashion or beauty bloggers. As much as I do love those events, this made a nice change.
There was a free drink of champers waiting for VIP guests which went down a treat as well as an Oscar-style photography area for VIPS too. The photographer, Catherine O’Donnell, was super lovely and made me feel really relaxed whilst I was having my photo taken.

After settling in and chatting to a few people we all took out seats in the catwalk venue and it was absolutely stunning. The room had white drapes everywhere; beautiful flower arrangements dotted around the room and an array of chairs for the guests with their allocated ribbon colour. The ribbon colours matched our wristbands and determined where you sat – which was a nice subtle way to do it without having a chart out or having to direct every single guest.
The catwalk hosted designs such as ASOS, Pascaline Couture, Donna Elana and so many more! Most of the designers I hadn’t heard of so it was really nice to discover some new designers to follow. The designers garments were absolutely incredible and you could see how much hard work they had put into the show and their clothes and I felt honoured to see the show!

But putting the designers aside for a hot second, I do want to say a huge congratulations to the models. The FSL academy aims to boost the confidence of young people and other people who take part in their workshops. It’s not an easy thing going out on stage in front of a complete crowd of strangers and strut your stuff. Some of the models were even modelling lingerie! The confidence these models had was off the scale and I couldn’t have done what they did so my hat goes off to them.

And it wasn’t just models we watched. At the beginning and during the second half of the show, the audience were entertained by a group of dancers. I did ballet and tap dancing for 14 years so any chance to see some dancing I’m up for! We had a contemporary group at the beginning to open the show and the girls were phenomenal. They were so graceful and so light on their feet that it made me jealous and want to join their group.
Then for the second half we had a group of street dancers and they blew my mind too. Their moves and just overall rhythm was insane. This is such a mum term to use but they were just so cool! I’ve got no other words to describe them! They got the audience excited and pumped for the second half.
Once the show had finished there was an after party for everyone to stay and enjoy themselves but after being out all day, myself and Jamie decided to go home and get some shut eye!
Thank you once again to Jodie and FSL for inviting me to attend their event.
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