Favourite Winter Fragrances: Blogmas#8

The perfume bottle in my handbag is something that is constantly changing. I have so many perfume bottles and get so bored with the same fragrance all the time, so I like to change it up weekly.
When the seasons change, so do the perfume bottles in my bag. I wear certain fragrances during certain times of the year because of their particular scent. During the Spring and Summer I like to wear very light, floral smelling perfumes; in the colder months I like to wear quite strong, sexy, musky smelling perfumes.
Now the cold has officially hit us it was time for me to switch up my smell so I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you!

If you’re looking for a perfume that is musky and strong smelling then this is the one for you. The perfume is very long lasting which is ideal for the winter because all the walking and strong winds makes me feel like my perfume has worn off. I hate not smelling nice so having a strong perfume that I can spray in the morning and still smell of when I go home is perfect.
The packaging of this bottle is very cool. The lid is magnetic which is very easy because you can just drop the cap back on and throw the bottle into your handbag. The ombré black, purple and pink is very pretty and makes a nice change to a plain colour bottle.

This perfume tips the sweet scale a little but it’s nice for a quick spritz if you’re popping out. This perfume isn’t as strong as other perfumes I have but it’s got such a nice sexy smell that I don’t mind topping up throughout the day.
This bottle is very fun and quirky, a bit like Katy herself really! The bottle plays with the name of the perfume and it definitely brightens up my perfume shelf.

Pure is such a strong musky smell that is perfect for Winter time. It’s not usually a smell I would go for all the time but I do find myself reaching for this quite a lot. It’s perfect for a night out because it’s subtle but smells amazing and you’re going to smell a treat after dancing around for hours!
Just like Katy’s perfume above; this bottle also plays on the name of the perfume. Pure is very simplistic; clear and minimalistic which looks so beautiful.

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