Festive Lip Colours: Blogmas#11

If you’re anything like me then you probably have a few lipsticks that you only wear around Christmas time. I have some lipsticks that I only wear in the Autumn/Winter because every other day of the year I wear different shades of nude. Typical but true. But I have picked a different lipstick shade and picked my favourite out of them to show you my favourite Winter lips.
Topshop – Champion

I’ve always been a big fan of Topshop lipsticks, ever since I bought my first one over 4 years ago. Topshop has such a big variety of makeup and some of their products are really underrated. I have around 10 Topshop lipsticks after I bought a load in their Winter sale last year for £1/£2 each! And they haven’t disappointed me yet.

One of my favourite Winter reds is their shade Champion. It is this beautiful muted red that isn’t fire truck red but is still noticeably red. I have a huge fear that if I wear bright red lipstick it will end up on my teeth and move around my face during the day if it isn’t matte – but this doesn’t do that.

It isn’t matte but it doesn’t move too much during the day but you do need to outline your lips with a lipliner to prevent the lipstick from bleeding. It doesn’t feel too drying on the lips and it compliments my Winter boring wardrobe of white, black, grey and nude.
MAC – Diva

I always have a love/hate relationship with burgundy lipsticks because I find they bleed the most. I don’t know if it’s just the lipsticks I’ve owned or whether it’s the colour in general, but it takes me a long time to find a burgundy shade lipstick that I really love.

For Christmas last year I received a MAC lipstick set from my Auntie and Uncle and it came with 4 miniature lipsticks in Christmasy shades; a burgundy, a plum and two reds. I’d not tried deep shades of MAC lipsticks until I got this set and since then I’ve been in love with Diva.

It is the perfect burgundy for me – it’s a small lipstick which is ideal to get that precise application and it doesn’t bleed! It’s a very dry feeling lipstick which can feel uncomfortable for a long day but for a night out of just an afternoon out it is lovely.
NYX Lingerie – Honeymoon

I love a cool toned lipstick as much as the next girl and the one I have that is my all time favourite is NYX Lingerie Honeymoon. It is the perfect lipstick for the autumn and winter and it’s a liquid lipstick which is ideal for long days. A liquid lipstick lasts a lot longer than a regular lipstick on my lips and they’re so easy to touch up throughout the day.

This liquid lipstick in particular is a nude/cool toned grey which looks amazing with any skin tone. I worry that I can’t wear light shades when I haven’t fake tanned in case I look extra pale but this one just looks perfect. It brings an edgy vibe to an everyday look and is even appropriate for work I’d say.

NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks are very long wearing and the duffa applicator is just the right size that it doesn’t take extra swipes to cover your lips. The formula isn’t too thick which feels very light on the lips but sometimes I do put on some lip balm underneath in the colder months to prevent my lips from looking dry. The only problem I have is that I have to build this shade up a lot to get the shade I want, otherwise it is very thin and faint.
MAC – Rebel

A purple lipstick was the first “out there” shade I ever wore when I was younger. Forget stealing your mums favourite red lipstick, it was all about purple for me. This cute MAC lipstick came in the set I spoke about previously and this one is no different to the burgundy in terms of its consistency, it’s just the colour that is different.

I find that you have to build up a purple lipstick to get the look you want but with Rebel you take one swipe and you’re good to go. It’s not AS drying as Diva which means that it could bleed easily but so far I’m yet to see that.
Kylie Lip Kit True Brown

This is a classic staple in my lipstick collection because I don’t have a shade like it. It is a beautiful dark brown that’s so chic for nights out and staple outfits. I’ve worn this colour throughout the cold months since last Christmas and I’m still not bored of it! It is the perfect edgy lipstick to draw attention to a simple outfit (which looks amazing with nude or white outfits!)

The consistency of the Kylie Lip Kits is always excellent. They’re so thin and light on the lips which makes them very easy to wear and they’re extremely long lasting – which can make them difficult to come off at times! They don’t feel drying or uncomfortable on the lips but because it is cold and the wind can chap our lips I’d recommend a lip balm underneath your lipstick to keep your lips nice and soft.

This is the perfect lipstick for any skin tone. I’m quite pale at the moment because I haven’t fake tanned but it still looks amazing on me. It’s just a nice alternative to a light brown/nude for the colder months.
I would like to thank my girl Courtney for taking the photos for this blog post because they turned out amazing!! Her name is highlighted so you can go and check out her blog!

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