Full Body Wrap – My Experience

I’ve had many beauty and skin treatments in the last couple of years and am always up for trying new treatments. Facials, massages and full body exfoliations are something I’ve tried more frequently and I’ve seen the benefits of each treatment, without a doubt.
When I was asked by Benedict Hair and Beauty Salon if I would like to experience and review the full body wrap at their salon, I jumped at the chance. I’d heard many incredible stories of women losing a minimum of 6 inches around their body after their first session and managed to upkeep their results with a healthy diet and consistent exercise.
I walked into the salon not knowing what experience was about to greet me. I’d previously had a full body massage at the salon so I was very comfortable around the beauticians and knew they would make me feel relaxed and welcome.
The boss lady of the salon, Farah, and her mini boss lady in training, Larne greeted me in reception, as always, and I was introduced to Rebecca who would be filming my treatment, the experience and interviewing me about my thoughts afterwards.
We filmed a couple of introduction shots for the beginning of the treatment video and was then lead downstairs to meet my beautician and fill in the necessary forms and applications. This included questions such as allergies, weight, skin type, etc.
Once the forms were filled in I was lead to the treatment room where I was given tiny little paper knickers to wear which are not the most flattering undies in the world but they did make me chuckle. Despite only having the paper knickers to wear, I was made to feel really comfortable and at times where appropriate I was given a towel to wrap around my chest area.
Whilst the hot towel bandages were soaking in the sulphate solution, the beautician took measurements around different parts of my body; such as my arms, under my chest, stomach, thighs, etc. After my measurements were taken, the wrapping process began.
It took a few layers to completely cover my body from the neck down but once I was fully covered I started to feel the weight of the bandages slightly and how tight they were. They have to be fairly tight so your body feels the benefit from the treatment but they’re not so tight they’re uncomfortable.
Once all the bandages were firmly wrapped around me, I had to put on what I can only describe as a purple shell suit. This giant marshmallow suit had to be worn in order to ensure my body stayed insulated and warm. I did feel quite hot and sweaty in the suit but I think that was just the effects of the tight bandages and warm treatment room to prevent my body heat from dropping.
The next part of the treatment is a lovely relaxing 60 minute lay down where you can have a snooze, go on your phone, read a book, etc. You have to keep as still as you can to prevent the bandages from pulling away but I had a nice little nap and felt very fresh after.
After my 60 minutes was up we removed the gorgeous purple shell suit and began the process of removing the bandages. This did take some while because there were a lot of bandages and I did feel cold very quickly after my body became exposed to the air again.
With a little towel wrapped around me, we re-took my measurements in the exact same places to see if I’d lost any inches around my body. I was told I could get dressed again, freshen up and meet my beautician in the waiting room to go through my results.
I lost a total of 10.6 inches from around my body which is way above the average so I was proper chuffed. The experience overall was very relaxing and worth the money. My skin felt very fresh and clean after the treatment and I would recommend calling the salon for any queries you might have.
Click the link below to watch the full video:
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