#GoBananas The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a retailer I automatically think of when it comes to body butters and skin care. At Christmas I receive at least one Body Shop gift set and it’s always one of my favourite presents. Their products are such good quality and make the perfect present or just for treating yourself on payday.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely man called James who is a Body Shop superstar. He goes around the country (I think) hosting events for the Body Shop for launches of new products and to create a buzz about the brand. This is such a cool job because not only do you get to travel but you get to talk about new products, test new products and socialise for a living. That sounds ideal to me!
On Thursday afternoon, both myself and Charlotte (@scarletslippersblog on instagram // www.scarletslippers.co.uk) headed off to Reading in my little orange car, ready for an evening of smelling products and socialising. We both don’t live too far out of London so it took us around 90 minutes to drive down which wasn’t too bad considering there was a little work traffic. It was so nice to catch up with Charlotte as well because I hadn’t seen her since I travelled up to Lincoln to interview her for my University dissertation a few months ago, so it was a well needed trip together.

Once we finally arrived at The Oracle Shopping Centre where the Reading Body Shop is (and after failing miserably to find a McDonalds) we checked in with The Body Shop team and had a quick nose around the shop before the evening began. I straight away spotted the new banana range because not only did the bright yellow bottles stand out against all the other products but it was also front and centre of the shop. I’d never smelt the banana range before but I knew I had to leave with some of the range because it smelt beautiful.
The evening began not long after 6:30pm with a introduction talk from the team about The Body Shop’s history, where it all began and where they are now in the current market. For me, The Body Shop is up there with one of the nicest skin care brands you can buy yourself or treat others to. The quality of the products are second to none and the packaging is always adorable.

We were shown some of the shops top selling products and given a little test of each to see if we liked it and/or if we’d like to purchase it. There certainly was a few things on my radar that evening but I’ll chat through with you what I got at the end of the night.
After our team talk, Body Shop Reading’s makeup artist talked us through a very simple summer festival look with minimal products. This look wasn’t up my street because I do prefer a full coverage look that isn’t as natural, but this definitely fitted the brief of travelling light to a festival. Using a moisturiser, a bronzer brick, a blusher brick, lip liner, gloss and brow gel, she created a beautiful natural look on Alyssia that suited her down to the ground and gave her such a healthy glow. The use of products was so minimal and light which made such a nice change to see compared to the full coverage makeup looks we see on social media today.

We were then given free reign of the store to shop, eat some Wagamama’s (who kindly provided us food and drink) as well as take part in some of the activities to win products, such as blindfolded hook a duck. My local Body Shop isn’t very big so I don’t often tend to pop in there because it can be very crowded and the variety of products can be slightly poor sometimes. The Reading shop however, is huge! The display of products is second to none and the quantity is just right. The shelves aren’t overcrowded but they aren’t empty either which is perfect for browsing because it isn’t too overwhelming.
My favourite body care items are body scrubs and moisturiser. I could use any old shower gel to be honest but give me a good body scrub and moisturiser to match and I’m all there. I’ve used the body butters plenty of times but the body yoghurt was a new product to me so I gave to give all of the scents a smell didn’t I? My favourite scents are the banana, mango and the almond milk, but I was very well behaved and only picked up the banana (because I’ll do a big shop once I’m paid haha.)

With a successful shopping trip (one pot of banana yoghurt and a tube of the vitamin e eye cream) before Charlotte and I left, we signed the animal testing petition. The Body Shop need 8 million signatures to go to the United Nations to try and get animal testing banned. They have just under 8 weeks to get another 1 million signatures. This is such a great cause so if you have a spare few seconds, please sign the petition below so we can save the little furry creatures.

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