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Perfumes and fragrances are such a me present that all my friends and family know are safe presents for me. I love a good perfume and go through so many throughout the year. My worst fear is smelling bad so I always have a body spray or perfume on me at all times.
There are so many fragrances out there it can be hard to find that one distinct smell you associate as “your smell.” My all time favourite fragrance is Daisy by Marc Jacobs – it’s sweet with a hint of musk which makes it such a sexy smell. It’s quite strong so you don’t need too much of it unless you like to drench yourself like me lol.
My good friend Aroosa has just launched her own fragrance BRAND, specialising in creating bespoke custom made fragrances for each individual customer. House of Alley has an online perfume advisor chat to you on the website to ask 4 questions and they take the answers to the 4 questions to create a fragrance perfect for you.

The information from the live chat is passed on from the online perfume advisor to the perfumers who will make 3, 3ml samples based off the answers the customer gave. The customer can then choose from those samples which fragrance they like best and go back to the website to purchase a 50ml or 100ml bottle. This service is essentially creating a signature perfume for each of its customers which I think is incredible.
The samples as I said come in a set of 3, 3ml samples which cost around £6-£10.10 depending on the strength you want your fragrance to be. An Eau De Toilette would be £2 per sample, an Eau De Parfum £2.50 per sample and an Eau De Absolue £3.50 per sample (which all excludes shipping.)
Once you’ve selected the sample you like best, it’s time to select your bottle size. I always go for the larger sized perfumes because I go through them so much – but even for the large bottle the price is so reasonable but the prices can fluctuate due to the currency at the time of sale:
50ml Eau De Toilette – £19.35
50ml Eau De Parfum –  £22.33
50ml Eau de Absolue – £27.09
100ml Eau De Toilette – £25.90
100ml Eau De Parfum – £31.08
100ml Eau De Absolue – £36.26

When I was asked if I’d like to create my own bespoke fragrance, I jumped at the chance!
As I said earlier, I love Marc Jacobs Daisy so the team at House of Alley created a fragrance for me and my preferences. They used the scents fruity, woody, citrus, jasmine, strawberry, blackcurrant, freesia, sandalwood and musk. My perfume arrived within a week of my first talk with Aroosa at House of Alley and it arrived in the cutest PR packaging I’ve ever seen. Pink is one of my favourite colours so the fact the box was black and pink themed was right up my street.
Love hearts, preserved roses, million sweets and a gordons pink gin (my current favourite) was so well thought through and planned – it really made me smile! I don’t think all items will be shipped like this due to them not being PR packages but I can assure that they will be appropriately wrapped to avoid breakages during transport.
Without sounding bias because Aroosa is my friend, this perfume is up there as an equal with my Marc Jacobs Daisy. It is sch a nice alternative because it is that little bit sexier smelling than Daisy which is perfect for a date night or if you’re going somewhere that you want to make quite the impression. The simplistic, slick and clean bottle design is perfect for packing, carrying around in your handbag and looks beautiful on a bedside table.

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