How I Spent my Summer

Summer is my favourite time of year. I always feel bad after I say that because I do love Winter and all that happens during the colder months. Cosy jumpers, fluffy socks, hot chocolate and more importantly CHRISTMAS. But I’m such a sun baby and my mood is instantly brightened if there is a ray of sunshine.
I’ve done quite a lot this Summer and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself because heading back to Uni this month for my third year…eeeeeeek! I am gutted to have not attended a festival this Summer because I do love a good festival. Any excuse to whack out the shorts and glitter and I’m there in a heartbeat.
Looking back through all of my photos from the Summer I thought it’d be quite nice to share with you some of my favourite memories from this Summer. My Summer started on May 15th as that’s when I finished Uni; so these memories are from then until August 31st.
  • KISS X IMPRESS NAILS X PIXIE LOTT launch party with Paige
  • Finishing 2nd year night out

  • Getting my princess hair

  • Holiday with Chris

  • First trip to IKEA courtesy of Courtney
  • Starting my work experience with From Me To You
  • Bloggers Suite hangout with Paige

  • FSL catwalk with Jamie
  • Footgolf with Chris, Jess and Alfie
  • Pub garden evenings
  • Paige’s birthday
  • Thorpe Park
  • First trip to Brighton
  • Trips to London
  • Lunch dates with the girls
  • Booking my tattoo
  • Family BBQs